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China's Ming dynasty golden age to be star of British Museum blockbuster

There will be many surprises in the first large-scale show dedicated to a little explored Chinese golden age from 600 years ago, including the world's first encyclopaedia and a form of imperial mini-golf.

More than just vases: British Museum showcases the worldly masculinity of the Ming dynasty

The British Museum is aiming to prove there is more to Ming culture than porcelain vases with a blockbuster exhibition displaying an array of treasures – from a 15th-century gun to the world’s oldest surviving encyclopaedia – that help show the “f

Julian Stair: Quietus The Vessel, Death and the Human Body - Somerset House

Exploring the theme of death, Julian Stair presents a number of ceramic works in this new solo exhibition. It has been designed to make visitors think about the concepts of 'body' 'vessel' and 'death'.

Mammoths of the Ice Age - National Museum of Scotland

Featuring original fossils, replica models and family-friendly interactives, travel back in time to find out about these fascinating creatures. With lots of mammoth facts to discover, this exhibition is the first UK showing of the family-friendly disp

Bill Woodrow interview: 'It was life imitating art'

The great British sculptor, who did for washing machines what Andy Warhol did for soup cans, tells us about his favourite works from the past four decades.

Bob Dylan Mood Swings exhibition: review - Iron gates 'are inoffensive and need some bite'

Bob Dylan is fascinated by gates because “they can shut you in or shut you out”.

From raw steel to gilded bronzes: Bill Woodrow at the Royal Academy

Anyone who has been to the British Library will have seen Bill Woodrow's sculpture, Sitting on History (1995) – a gargantuan bronze book, ball and chain – or in Trafalgar Square, his curiously similar bronze tree and book that crowned the Fourth Plint

Bob Dylan, Mood Swings, review

An exhibition of Bob Dylan's sculptures reveals his art as a hobby says Mark Hudson

Bob Dylan: Mood Swings exhibition

Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan exhibits his new work 'Mood Swings' at the Halcyon Gallery.