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Pompeii exhibition: Alastair Sooke on Roman sculpture

Ahead of the British Museum's major new exhibition Alastair Sooke takes a look at the ancient Romans' love of sculpture.

Mark Wallinger hopes life-size white horse unveiled on The Mall will 're-kick-start' momentum for its 50m sister

Turner Prize winning artist Mark Wallinger believes his new life-sized sculpture of a racehorse may “re-kick-start” funding for a 50 metre version in Kent, which is currently stuck in Limbo.

Yinka Shonibare shoots to thrill

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, normally a haven of tranquillity, has been invaded by armed foxes and headless gunmen. Be mesmerised by the hilarious world of Yinka Shonibare Yorkshire Sculpture Park is famed for its eloquent championing of local heroes Henr

A vanishing world, according to Andy Warhol: How the artist highlighted the plight of endangered animals

His vibrant screenprints are more commonly associated with Hollywood glamour queens Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor.

Yinka Shonibare: The Banksy of sculpture on his split personality

African or English? Establishment or rebel? Just who is Yinka Shonibare? We meet the man who put Nelson’s Ship In A Bottle in Trafalgar Square.

William Turnbull at Chatsworth - North Sketch Gallery (Chatsworth)

An exhibition of Scottish artist William Turnbull's work, sculpture, paintings and drawings in the North Sketch Gallery and in the garden, curated by Clare Lilley, from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Yinka Shonibare: FABRIC-ATION - Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Featuring over 30 works by the artist, this exhibition examines Yinka Shonibare's work from 2002-2013. Working with a wide range of techniques, this display reveals many works that have never been seen in the UK before.

Yinka Shonibare: class act with a dash of gallows humour

There's mischief in Yinka Shonibare's eyes when he says that he wants money and power. "Don't you? Isn't that what everyone wants," he chuckles. It's difficult to know if he's joking or not, and this interplay between seriousness and humour extends to his

Mariko Mori and Professor Brian Cox: Art meets Science

Contemporary Japanese artist Mariko Mori and Professor Brian Cox (University of Manchester) consider how Mori's artistic practice progresses the tradition of imaginative engagement with science. This event is moderated by Heather Mayfield (NMSI).

Xu Bing: Landscape Transcript - The Ashmolean Museum

When the Landscape Landscript exhibition opens on 28 February, multimedia content from this site can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet as you tour the galleries. QR codes by the pictures will take you to interviews with Xu Bing, images and infor