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Chris Marker: A Grin Without A Cat, Whitechapel Gallery

If you’re not already familiar with at least some aspects of Chris Marker’s work, this exhibition will feel overwhelming, if not confusing.

Chris Marker: resistance fighter, escape artist, film-maker

The mercurial French film-maker documented the political and creative upheavals of the 20th century in sci-fi films, books and comics, influencing everyone from director Terry Gilliam to Christo.

'Thrilling and prophetic': why film-maker Chris Marker's radical images influenced so many artists

From experimental sci-fi to cartoon cats, Chris Marker's work was profound, prophetic and hugely influential. Ahead of a new exhibition, some of those he inspired examine his cult appeal.

Watch an extract from Chris Marker's classic film La Jetee - video

La Jetée (1962), the most celebrated work of French writer and artist Chris Marker, has influenced Hollywood directors as diverse as James Cameron and Terry Gilliam.

Chris Marker: A Grin Without a Cat - Whitechapel Gallery

Visionary French filmmaker Chris Marker (1921–2012) created vivid film-essays that lace realism with science fiction and lyricism with politics. Changing his name, declining to be photographed or interviewed, Marker was both enigma and legend. His influ

Hito Steyerl - ICA

Berlin-based artist and writer Hito Steyerl is one of the most critically acclaimed artists working in the field of video today. Steyerl’s work focuses on contemporary issues such as feminism and militarisation, as well as the mass proliferation and dis

Lorna Simpson: Exhibition - Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

This is the first major retrospective of the career of Lorna Simpson. Presenting more than 30 years of her work, this exhibition is made up of work from the mediums of photography, film, video, and drawing.

Artists Film International: Elizabeth Price - Whitechapel Gallery

Turner Prize-winning artist Elizabeth Price’s film is a study of desire and consumption. It was shot in the former home of an anonymous art collector which remains a iconic example of 1960s architecture and interior design. Price takes us on a tour

Exhibition reviews: Georgina Starr | Hiraki Sawa

Sometimes the grown-up art world just feels too clean, too sterile.

Hiraki Sawa: Lenticular, Dundee Contemporary Arts

Looking on and out is a key theme in the work of Hiraki Sawa, discovers Jan Patience