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Visual Arts

A Year In Development exhibition: Not all photographers are giving in to the lure of digital

In a world that celebrates speed, digital has long replaced analogue as the photographer's preferred method. But the story of film's demise might have been relayed prematurely. Some aficionados would even claim it is alive, well, and being put to good use

Anish Kapoor: 'One piece of spaghetti props up another'

As Kapoor's 2012 Olympic tower reopens to the public, he tells Nicholas Wroe why its awkwardness is its strength and what distinguishes art from Disneyland When Anish Kapoor and his longterm collaborator, the designer, architect and engineer Cecil Balmon

TateShots: ARTIST ROOMS, Vija Celmins

Vija Celmins is interviewed in her New York studio ahead of her Artist Rooms exhibition for this TateShots video.

Hans Ulrich Obrist: the art of curation

Behind every great artist is a great curator. But what do they actually do? Serpentine superstar Hans Ulrich Obrist reveals the delights and dangers of his craft - while Yoko Ono, David Shrigley and more pick their all-time favourite show Hans Ulrich Obr

Alex Katz: Last of the great painters?

Having seen Jackson Pollock off decades ago, New York's Alex Katz, 86, is more popular now than ever - as he opens two UK exhibitions, Alastair Smart explains why

Miros?aw Ba?ka takes on Freud and the Holocaust

In his first exhibition in Britain since his black box at Tate Modern's Turbine Hall, the acclaimed Polish sculptor riffs on The Interpretation of Dreams and Treblinka - with often macabre results Adam loiters in Hampstead, rampaging in the front garden

78/87 London Youth by Derek Ridgers - in pictures

Derek Ridgers has been documenting London's young people since the 70s. His new book focuses on an era when youth culture was at its most varied

TateShots: Lorna Simpson

Lorna Simpson gives TateShots a tour of her Brooklyn studio in this video interview.

A jester at the last supper? How Veronese became his era's Ai Weiwei

Called before the Inquisition to justify his jokey take on Christ's final meal, the great Italian painter was defiant. And thanks to a transcript, we have his pugnacious defence word for word Veronese was one of the greatest painters ever, as the Nationa

Eyewitness: Kabul, Afghanistan

Photographs from the Guardian Eyewitness series