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From Andy Warhol to Nico and beyond: Billy Names Factory photographs

In 1964, Andy Warhols dingy New York studio was transformed when Billy Name, a lighting designer who became the artists live-in lover, covered the whole interior in silver foil. His photographs capture the Factory through its most darkly glamorous yearsMa

Transmitting Andy Warhol review a show of real pep, pace and force

Tate Liverpool does Warhol proud by focusing on the fine distinctions between the multiple versions of his art for all.

World Press Photo Exhibition: Review

The collection of award winning photographs on display at the Royal Festival Hall are striking and memorable because of the stories that they tell. But more than that it is overwhelming at times the number of different topics that are covered and artists

Conscience and Conflict: British Artists and the Spanish Civil War - Pallant House Gallery

The Spanish Civil War (1936–39) was one of the most significant European conflicts of the twentieth century. Stretching far beyond an internal political clash between the Republicans and General Franco's Nationalists, it united a generation of young wri

Transmitting Andy Warhol review  white light and black angels in an immersive explosion

Tate LiverpoolThe first major Andy Warhol exhibition in the north of England recreates the world of the Factory and the Exploding Plastic Inevitable and Warhol is revealed in all his compassion and searing insight Continue reading...

Fiona Banner Selects from the V-A-C Collection - Whitechapel Gallery

British artist Fiona Banner chooses rarely seen works from the V-A-C collection by artists such as Richard Avedon, Claude Monet and Sigmar Polke. This is the second display in the series, with Banner selecting works which blur the boundaries between

Conflict, Time Photography - Tate Modern

From the seconds after a bomb has gone off right through to a scene of battle years after war has ended, this exhibition traces the journey through 150 years of conflict from around the world through photography. Staged to coincide with the 2014 cente

12 things no one tells you before you become a street artist

Poor health, disappearing artwork, and countless cases of mistaken identity: Charles Uzzell-Edwards - AKA Pure Evil - describes the life of the street artist.

Privates on parade

One day, as a student — or so the story goes — Egon Schiele called on Gustav Klimt, a celebrated older artist, and showed him a portfolio of drawings with the abrupt query, ‘Do I have talent?’ Klimt looked at them, then answered, ‘Much too much!

Treasures from the Vatican

A look at some of the Vatican's most cherished pieces of art.