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Visual Arts

TateShots: Caragh Thuring

Painter Caragh Thuring is interviewed in her London studio for this TateShots video.

Soviet Ghosts: an Empire in decay - in pictures

The countries of the former Eastern bloc are full of abandoned monuments to the glory of the Soviet Union. Risking arrest and radiation, photographer Rebecca Litchfield took a road trip through the ruined hospitals, barracks, prisons and spy stations to p

TateShots: Liverpool Biennial 2014

From dazzle ships to Whistler, the Liverpool Biennial has taken over the city. TateShots takes a tour of the UK's largest international contemporary art festival

Liverpool Biennial: Misery on the Mersey

In March this year, cuts of £156m to Liverpool’s public services were announced, which means that half of the city’s 19 libraries are expected to close, as well as the majority of children’s centres. Against this backdrop of social injustice, the

The Radical Geometry Of South American Modern Art At Royal Academy

Think 20th century abstract art and the mind automatically conjures up images of Jackson Pollock’s expressionist drip paintings or Mark Rothko’s cool intensity. But the North wasn’t the only America forging a new path in the abstract; South America

Liverpool Biennial 2014: A lot of misery and bleakness

Adrian Searle hunts for a glimmer of hope in a bewildering journey across the city There are always good things in the Liverpool Biennial but often not enough, and the themes have often seemed trite and irritating catch-alls. This time, there isn't

Hans Haacke and the fine art of photographing exhibitions in pictures

All the big hitters of the art world were at the 1959 Documenta exhibition: Kandinsky, Pollock, Magritte and Mickey Mouse. From polka-dotty punters to super-serious nuns, Hans Haacke's stunning photos capture the crowds who lapped up these masters of mode

Radical Geometry review South American art to set your mind free

South America's modern art revolution hits you like a guerrilla attack in this dazzling survey at the Royal Academy. Prepare to see things differently As you look through Jesús Soto's Nylon Cube its blue, black and silver filaments chop up your per

Kazimir Malevich: the man who liberated painting

Malevich's Black Square was an emptying out of all the value associated with art. Ahead of a new Tate Modern show, Frances Spalding explores the work of a revolutionary painter So fragile is Kazimir Malevich's 1915 Black Square that the State Tretyakov

Digital Revolution, The Curve, Barbican

Digital Revolution begins with an archive section taking you back to the 1970s when Ralph Baer developed a video game allowing punters to play ping pong on TV (below right: poster for the original Pong arcade game) and Steve Jobs worked on Break Out, in w