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Adrian Searle

In at the deep end at Glasgow international festival

From bouncers fighting in a dark forest to Betty Boo pouting in a disused swimming pool, Adrian Searle dives into dystopia at this year's Glasgow international festival Bionic hands and Betty Boo: Glasgow international festival in pictures " Now sing

Phyllida Barlow at Tate Britain review: 'In every way tremendous'

Magnificent and exhilarating, Barlow's slapstick sculptures have taken over the Duveen galleries, and they prove that all the world's a stage. Wow, writes Adrian Searle.

Miros?aw Ba?ka takes on Freud and the Holocaust

In his first exhibition in Britain since his black box at Tate Modern's Turbine Hall, the acclaimed Polish sculptor riffs on The Interpretation of Dreams and Treblinka - with often macabre results Adam loiters in Hampstead, rampaging in the front garden

Keywords at Tate Liverpool explores 1980s Britain

The words slide by around the gallery walls, in a large, looping hand-drawn script, with lots of space between.

Richard Hamilton - review

Just days before his death in 2011, Richard Hamilton completed what were to become his very last paintings.

Richard Deacon: roll up for the magical metal mystery tour

Richard Deacon's sculptures turn and twist and coil and flow. Sometimes they are solid ceramic geometries, whose weight and density can almost be felt with the eye.

Martin Creed at the Hayward Gallery - video preview

Martin Creed gives Adrian Searle a glimpse into his retrospective at London's Hayward Gallery. The first major survey of Creed's work, the exhibition spans his entire career, from his balloon-filled room Half the Air in a Given Space to his imposing steel

Martin Creed: the faeces, the phallus and the Ford Focus

I duck as a huge rotating steel beam, bearing the word MOTHERS in neon, sweeps over my head.

Turner prize 2013 goes to Laure Prouvost

Sensuous, generous, affecting and more than a little bit daft, Laure Prouvost's art often disarms me.

Chapmans at the Serpentine: Ronald McDonald, Nazis and Daniel Craig as a gorilla

Dressed in Ku Klux Klan pointy-hatted smocks, rainbow-striped socks and hippy sandals, an audience of mannequins stalk Jake and Dinos Chapman's Come and See at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery.