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Alex Macpherson

G I R L by Pharrell Williams is radio-friendly fodder that lacks new tricks

Pharrell Williams is enjoying one of the most unexpected commercial renaissances of recent times.

Toni Braxton: 'I feel like I've been given a third chance'

Toni Braxton talks about her new R&B album collaboration with 'musical husband' Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds, and how she's bouncing back from past setbacks Despite the crackly transatlantic phone line, Toni Braxton 's regal disposition comes through loud

One Foot In The Rave: Katy B Interviewed

With Katy B's second album Little Red out this week, Alex Macpherson catches up with the UK funky vocalist turned pop star to talk raving, night buses and imaginary dancefloors

Algebra Blessett: Recovery - review

(BBE) It's been some years since neo-soul was briefly fashionable, but the low-key way in which the genre's finest current exponents quietly go about their craft feels apt. Atlanta's Algebra Blessett , like former Groove Theory singer Amel Larrieux an

M.I.A. - Matangi

As early as 2004, an acquaintance leaned over to me during an M.I.A. show and sneered: "She's totally faux, you know."

Creep: Echoes - review

(Creep Intl) It's three years since Lauren Dillard and Lauren Flax, aka Creep , emerged from the smoke of the ephemeral electronic subgenre of witch house with the obsessive, Romy xx-featuring Days . This is probably for the best: Echoes is less a prod

Robert Glasper Experiment: Black Radio: Volume 2 - review

(Blue Note) The second instalment of jazz pianist Robert Glasper 's collaborative Black Radio albums is a more straightforward affair than its predecessor. That was an experiment in both name and breathtaking music, but here, Glasper mostly concentrates

Darkside: Psychic - review

As befits a former teenage prodigy, Nicolas Jaar seems to have traversed an electronic producer's entire career arc at warp speed.

Glasser: Interiors - review

LA-based electronic auteur Cameron Mesirow, aka Glasser, made one of this decade's most intriguing and original debut albums in 2010's Ring. Lazily drawn comparisons to Björk and the Knife were telling insofar as they placed Glasser in an uncategorisably

Rizzle Kicks - review

Rizzle Kicks's digs against Jeremy Kyle and John Terry offer high points in a gig that plays out like a school talent show Two-thirds of the way through Rizzle Kicks's show, the duo bring support act and fellow Sylvia Young alumnus, Eliza Doolittle, back