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Alexis Petridis

Jamie T: Carry on the Grudge review melodic and potent

After a three-year sabbatical, gorblimey Londoner Jamie T returns with a more mature, if somewhat flawed, new albumThere is a theory that trends in rock and pop music move at a much less dramatic pace than they once did. You used to get great upheavals th

Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems review an octogenarian rejuvenated

Financial worries may be driving his comeback, but Leonard Cohens songs of despair have never sounded so full of life and you can hear this new album in full hereIt is hard to elicit goodwill for someone who stole £5m from a pensioner, but perhaps anyone

U2: Songs of Innocence review listenable, but not the grand return they clearly crave | Alexis Petridis

(Island) U2s Apple launch: what it means for the band and the companyEven in an age in which weve grown accustomed to artists giving away their albums for free or suddenly unleashing them without warning, the arrival of U2s Songs of Innocence feels slight

Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters: Lullaby and the Ceaseless Roar review

Led Zeppelin's former frontman faces up to ageing, alienation and heartbreak as his band assimilate wide-ranging influencesThere is a great story about Led Zeppelin's arrival in LA in December 1968. It was the moment at which they began their campaign to

Lewis: Romantic Times review mystery playboy's bizarre second album

The deeply strange debut album by singer-songwriter Randy Wulff AKA Lewis caused a stir with its reissue earlier this year; its newly unearthed followup is, if anything, even strangerEarlier this month, US label Light in the Attic found itself in the cur

Kate Bush: Before the Dawn review a lithe grace and note-perfect vocals

For someone who's spent the vast majority of her career shunning the stage, she's a hugely engaging live performer.

FKA Twigs: LP1 review a singular piece of work in an overcrowded market

Another supposedly mysterious pop star turns out to be a pretty normal human being but with songs this good, who cares?It increasingly feels as if trying to nurture an atmosphere of mystery in pop isn't worth the bother. For years, it was taken as read t

Spoon: They Want My Soul review a beautifully made, multi-layered album

(Anti)The last time Spoon released an album, 2010s Transference, they had just been named Artist of the Decade by Metacritic. That sounds not unlike one of those weird, nebulously titled awards people used to invent in order to get Michael Jackson to show

La Roux: Trouble in Paradise review the year's best pop album so far

It's taken Elly Jackson five years to follow up her debut album, and by all accounts it was a pretty torturous process but the end result is well worth the waitElly Jackson last released an album in 2009. Once, a pop star leaving five years between their

Morrissey: World Peace Is None of Your Business review

Just when you think human warmth is in short supply on Morrissey's new album, the old devil can still spring a surprise In 2011, Morrissey published a list of the 10 albums from his back catalogue "of which I am most proud". It offered what you might char