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Alexis Petridis

La Roux: Trouble in Paradise review the year's best pop album so far

It's taken Elly Jackson five years to follow up her debut album, and by all accounts it was a pretty torturous process but the end result is well worth the waitElly Jackson last released an album in 2009. Once, a pop star leaving five years between their

Morrissey: World Peace Is None of Your Business review

Just when you think human warmth is in short supply on Morrissey's new album, the old devil can still spring a surprise In 2011, Morrissey published a list of the 10 albums from his back catalogue "of which I am most proud". It offered what you might char

Judas Priest's Rob Halford: I've become the stately homo of heavy metal'

He may still look the part but the metal singer once vilified by the terrified parents of middle America says these days he's a huge fan of Michael Buble The most striking thing about meeting Rob Halford is the sheer disparity between the way he looks and

Manic Street Preachers: Futurology review startlingly fresh and different

The Manics' exhilarating, krautrock-tinged 11th album is unmistakably theirs, but unlike anything they've done before Manic Street Preachers' 12th studio album opens with its title track. The music is taut and punchy and urgent: the vocals swirl with reve

Kasabian at Glastonbury 2014 review

Kasabian get arguably the most vociferous reaction of any of this years Pyramid stage headliners, people bellowing along and letting off flares See all our Glastonbury 2014 coverage here Where and when: Pyramid stage, 9.45pm, Sunday Dress code:

The The: Soul Mining reissue review a brilliant and idiosyncratic pop album

The The's first album dropped out of sight after its release in 1983 but was later acclaimed as a masterpiece. This reissue is richly deserved In his brilliant 2006 book Fear of Music , Garry Mulholland listed Matt Johnson's second album his first as th

Ed Sheeran: X review gently pushing boundaries and maturing noticeably

Ed Sheeran could have played it safe and done a repeat run of his mega-selling last album but that's not what this is Has recent pop music offered a more startling example of an artist playing against type than Sing , the No 1 single that introduces us

Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence review great songs about awful, boring people

The songwriting on her new album is as good as or better than on Born to Die, but Lana Del Rey needs new things to sing about Lana Del Rey interview: 'I wish I was dead already' There was a time, around the release of Lana Del Rey's last album, that t

Jack White: Lazaretto review crushing riffs and grumpy fulminations | Alexis Petridis

Jack White has said he's sorry for being mean to people – but anger's not in short supply on his sturdy new solo album.

Neil Young: A Letter Home review a gloriously gloomy album of lo-fi covers

In a career full of wilfully perverse moves, this ought to take the cake but in fact, Neil Young's deliberately crackly, muffled covers album turns out to be a very powerful thing It can hardly have failed to escape your notice that Neil Young has recentl