Alfred Hickling

The Secret Garden review ingenious design in an alfresco setting

Grosvenor Park Open Air theatre, ChesterKate Saxon's adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel boasts heart, charm and a thoroughly convincing cast Continue reading...

The Boy Who Fell Into a Book review an engrossingly surreal spectacle

The musical version of Alan Ayckbourn's play for young people is an ideal introduction to the pleasures of reading and the power of the theatre.

Hansel & Gretel review interactive forest show has something for everyone

Williamson Park, Lancaster This outdoor play featuring a feminist frog and a vaudevillian witch owes as much to Shrek as it does to the Brothers Grimm Lancaster's Dukes theatre: the great outdoors The woods and glens of Williamson Park always make an

Cox and Box: Mrs Bouncer's Legacy proto-Pythonesque humour

This adaptation of and sequel to Arthur Sullivan's comic operetta nails its satirical targets brilliantly Pay attention because this is complicated and I'll only explain it once. In 1847 the Victorian playwright John Maddison Morton wrote a one-act far

London Sinfonietta/Jonny Greenwood review mesmerising to watch

An intent audience gave the impression that they could submit to the numinous ebb and flow of Reich's work forever.

Landing Gear by Kate Pullinger review the man who fell from the sky

This tale of a Pakistani man who stows away on a plane to England evolved from an online storytelling project about migration Canadian-born, UK-based writer Kate Pullinger is the author of a series of neatly turned, conventional novels whose recurrent the

Beryl review Maxine Peake's freewheeling tribute to a cycling legend

West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds Commissioned to coincide with the Tour de France, this compassionate homage exposes the motivations of Beryl Burton, the greatest woman on two wheels It has been said that if Beryl Burton were French, Joan of Arc would

Krapp's Last Tape review Richard Wilson echoes Stockhausen

Crucible, Sheffield The dark set and amplification of Wilson's voice serves as a reminder that Beckett's play is one of the earliest examples of a sound installation The great irony of going to see Richard Wilson in Krapp's Last Tape is that you almost

Dead Dog in a Suitcase review madcap mastery and jukebox hijinks

Swapping 18th-century street ballads for ska and dubstep, Kneehigh's reworking of The Beggar's Opera is bright, bold and curiously timeless.

Götterdämmerung review – belt-and-braces Wagner

The sheer sound-pressure levels attained exemplified that this project has principally been the orchestra's triumph.