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Alfred Hickling

Under Milk Wood - review

Dylan Thomas's play for voices is given a pitch-perfect revival by director Terry Hands' ensemble of actors This is a marquee year for Dylan Thomas as it is both the centenary of his birth and 60 years since the posthumous BBC premiere of his final, ne

Amanda Whittington: 'I doubt I'll ever be considered fashionable'

Who would you nominate as the most-performed female playwright in the country? Lucy Prebble? Polly Stenham? Laura Wade? The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is Amanda Whittington, a 45-year-old east Midlands-based writer whose name rarely appears on the crit

Some Girl I Used to Know - review

This jukebox monologue has Denise van Outen as an Essex-girl-lingerie-designer randomly bursting into the hits of the 80s Charlie Parsons's programme profile states that he "changed the face of television with his creative hits The Word and The Big Break

The Tiger Lillies meet Lulu: the ultimate fallen woman

Martyn Jacques could easily be mistaken for a Victorian pickpocket, right down to his scruffy tails and raffish bowler hat.

Hobson's Choice - review

This classic comedy about an intemperate northern cobbler is delivered with care, attention and turn-of-the-century style Harold Brighouse was, by his own admission, "half a highbrow, a faller between stools". Yet you could argue that his hard-wearing

Wrong 'Un - review

Former Chumbawamba guitarist Boff Whalley will forever be associated with an incident involving the Brit awards, a deputy prime minister and a bucket of iced water.

Swallows and Amazons - review

Divine Comedy founder Neil Hannon has done some curious things, including the theme tune for Father Ted and the formation of the Duckworth Lewis Method, which he described as "a kaleidoscopic musical adventure through the beautiful and rather silly world

The Jungle Book - review

The Jungle Book has been read in a number of ways: as an allegory of empire, a cuddly cartoon film or a motivational handbook for Cub Scouts.

The Flame-Haired Dynamo - review

Mick Martin's play about an eBay-addicted, fortysomething dad gets an exuberant production with teenage fantasy flashbacks aplenty Fortysomething father of two Chris is out of a job, out of luck and out of control - on eBay. He's opted to prepare for a C

Love Your Soldiers - review

Why is there so little contemporary drama about life in the armed forces? Possibly because, since the end of national service, the army hasn't been known for the production of playwrights.