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Alfred Hickling

Homecoming by Susie Steiner - review

An everyday story of hard-pressed hill farmers is all about keeping calm and carrying on We have Susie Steiner to thank, in part, for the "Keep Calm and Carry On" phenomenon . It was her praise of the wartime public information poster in a Guardian colu

Blue Remembered Hills - review

It's curious that Dennis Potter is primarily honoured – in the theatre at least – for one of the slightest pieces he wrote. Originally conceived for the small screen, Blue Remembered Hills hardly seems substantial enough to command an entire evening:

Gruff Rhys: my musical take on the communist Forrest Gump

In March 1972, the badly mutilated body of a 46-year-old man was found at the foot of a power mast outside Milan, having apparently died when the explosives he was carrying detonated prematurely.

Joshua - review

The custody battle over Handel's biblical oratorios waged between opera companies and choral societies has not so far extended to Joshua, written in 1748 as one of a late burst of militaristic, Old Testament narratives depicting the journey of the Jewish

Around the World in 80 Days - review

Contrary to popular misconception, Phileas Fogg did not complete any part of his three-month circumnavigation of the globe by balloon - which leaves Theresa Heskins's production with one less problem to solve. There remains, however, a transcontinental

Hull Truck theatre returns to its roots

Forty years ago, Mike Bradwell wrote to Harold Pinter soliciting funds for a new theatre company and received a suitably Pinteresque reply: "Dear Mr Bradwell, I will not contribute to Hull Truck theatre. Sincerely, Harold Pinter."

Queen of the Nile - review

Mike Bradwell says he founded Hull Truck "to make dirty and dangerous theatre".

In Praise of Shadows - review

Charlton Bond Building, Newcastle The official term for Nicola Singh's live art performance is an architectural intervention and sound installation. But you might call it a big hole in the floor. Singh has taken possession of a derelict building in New

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg - review

At the age of 85, Peter Nichols finally seems to be back in fashion. Michael Grandage's revival of Privates on Parade was garlanded with praise; a new production of Nichols's 1981 Passion Play is due in the West End.

Cannibals - review

Rory Mullarkey's first full-length play delivers a swift dramatic response to the horse-meat scandal. Set in a remote, post-Soviet region plagued by war and starvation, the flavour of equine nourishment is discussed, as are the practicalities of eating do