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Alison Flood

The Dark Meadow review Andrea Maria Schenkel's murder mystery 'packs a lingering punch'

Schenkel returns with an excellent dark tale set in rural community and based on real eventsAndrea Maria Schenkel's debut, the short, brutal The Murder Farm, told of a murdered family in a German village after the second world war: old man Danner, his wif

Touched review Joanna Briscoe's creepy tale of a house that harbours secrets

Children go missing from a cottage that resists renovation in a wonderfully claustrophobic horror.

Alex by Pierre Lemaitre - review

If Winston Smith's Room 101 nightmare in Nineteen Eighty-Four proved too disturbing an image for you, then it's probably best to steer clear of Alex by Pierre Lemaitre, the first thriller by this popular French author to be translated into English. The ep

Carlos Acosta leaps into Waterstones' spotlight as debut novelist

Revered dancer's Cuban saga joins 10 other first books picked by bookseller as 'debut literary stars of 2013' After enthralling audiences around the world with his dancing, Carlos Acosta is making his entrance on to a different stage with a debut novel,

The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter by Malcolm Mackay - review

Malcolm Mackay's remarkably original thriller shines a light on Glasgow's criminal underworld "It's easy to kill a man," you're told by your omniscient narrator (more on the second person later). "It's hard to kill a man well. People who do it well know