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Barbara Ellen

It by Alexa Chung - review

Alexa Chung's dopey collage of a book is a missed opportunity If you call your pop-culture fashion book It , then presumably you believe that you have "It". In fairness, one thing that can't be disputed is that "global trendsetter" Alexa Chung is a Brit

Girl Least Likely To by Liz Jones - review

Jones's darkly humorous and often painful account of her Essex childhood and Fleet Street career is a gripping read You might have noticed Liz Jones's and Rihanna's recent spat . After Jones wrote that Rihanna was a bad role model, and that the way she

The Ministry of Thin by Emma Woolf - review

Emma Woolf's study of our obsession with being thin should serve as a wake-up call to all women Writer and TV presenter Emma Woolf's The Ministry of Thin is about "how the modern obsession with weight loss, youth, beauty and perfection got out of contr