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Ben Wilkinson

I Knew the Bride, review - 'poetry of the subtle yet resonant gesture'

Hugo Williams's collection uses wit and charisma to deal with fear and pain "I stand still most of the time / and let the words do the talking", confesses a soul singer in a poem from Hugo Williams 's 11th collection, I Knew the Bride . "I might throw

Six Bad Poets by Christopher Reid - review

Ben Wilkinson is engrossed by a satire of the literary scene A farce-in-verse about the japes of a bunch of hapless poetasters might not sound like the most gift-worthy of reads. Yet Christopher Reid 's latest volume looks to have been packaged with an

Dear Boy by Emily Berry - review

If one of the most liberating moments in a writer's life comes with the realisation that lyric poetry allows you to make things up, the true revelation occurs when this deliciously sinful inventiveness delivers, somewhat paradoxically, the most eye‑open