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Brian Dillon

Sir Thomas Browne: A Life by Reid Barbour - review

Brian Dillon on a doctor, master stylist and favourite of WG Sebald Consider the following inventory of questions and conjectures. What did John the Baptist wear? Were there rainbows before the Flood? Is it unlucky to sneeze between midnight and noon? Ho

Things get curiouser and curiouser at the Turner Contemporary

From Da Vinci to a stuffed walrus to glass models of underwater worlds, a rich selection of objects is about to go display at the Turner Contemporary, as curator Brian Dillon explains Consider this curious item of furniture, which belongs to the Geffrye

How art turned the lights on

A new show at London's Hayward Gallery is devoted to artists of the past 50 years for whom light itself is a medium In November 1966 the artist James Turrell , then aged 23, embarked on a master's degree at the University of California. He rented two ro