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Brian Logan

Russell Howard review 'beige comedy with nothing to say'

At one point in this show, Russell Howard – in one of his many comedy voices – upbraids himself for meandering off-script: "This is big-room stuff," he urges himself, "and you've got to keep that shit rolling."

Tim Key: Single White Slut review - 'Leagues ahead of most standup'

Arcola Tent, London Key combines theatrics and whimsy to hilarious effect - but at times style triumphs over substance 'A master of bathos' ... Stephanie Merritt on Tim Key After a sell-out Soho theatre run, Tim Key has taken up residence in a big

Miranda Hart review - 'Jolly and child-hearted, but not ambitious'

"This isn't just a show," Miranda Hart tells her 16,000-strong crowd. "Tonight, I thought we'd have a party."

Debut standup comedy tour puts TV star Miranda Hart on the spot

It was announced over a year ago; she has being giving interviews on the subject for months, and now Miranda Hart's debut comedy tour is finally upon us.

Chris Ramsey - review

Stables, Milton Keynes Ramsey's boisterous storytelling establishes a strong rapport with his audience - but his material too often lacks insight Comedians are the canaries in the mine of modern manners. What's sayable and what's "offensive" gets shaped

Miles Jupp - review

It's a keen pleasure to see a comedian bust out of the straitjacket of triviality and address stuff that actually matters.

Sarah Millican - review

Sarah Millican's new show is inspired by this newspaper – specifically, by an Oliver Burkeman column offering advice to workaholics.

The Rubberbandits - review

The tissue-thin conceit of this Rubberbandits gig is that it's meant to be a new musical – but their DJ has accidentally wiped the soundtrack.

Play time: Gorilla - review

Polka theatre, London Harried dads and daughters warm to the charming, onstage monkey business How can the theatre rival this? My three-year-old, Cora, and her friend Alice are in the back of the car, making one another laugh uproariously by repeating t

Tommy Tiernan - review

"If I was a play, I'd be set in Ireland," says Tommy Tiernan. Think Martin McDonagh with only half the irony: one-time Perrier award champ Tiernan is engaged in a one-man bid to re-mythologise the Emerald Isle.