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Brian Logan

Rhys Darby review Flight of the Conchords star's psychedelic standup

Darby's loser act keeps him and us smiling, but some trimming of his silly storytelling would make this show a winner.

Adrienne Truscott's Asking for It review sophisticated confrontationalism

At the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe, Adrienne Truscott's show was the definition of an underground hit: a satirical broadside against rape culture, delivered half-naked by a performance artist turned comedy rookie, for free, late at night, in a shopfront.

Breakin' Convention: a comedy critic's verdict on the hip-hop festival

From Street Kingdom's jittery krumping to Ukweli Roach's thoughtful dance about addiction, the best performers used visual punch lines and strong stories to reach audiences.

Doctor Brown - review

At the end of this show, Doctor Brown widens his arms, impossibly wide, to wrap us all in a big hug. Then one hand wanders downwards, and he's pretending to jerk us off. That tension, between cute clowning and outright molestation, gives this award-winnin

Louis CK - review

Some standups are sunny, others wallow in filth. Louis CK , the hippest comic in the English-speaking world right now , is an intriguing mix of both. On stage and in his sitcom, Louie, he's made his name as a chronicler of rumpled, middle-aged American

Sarah Silverman - review

Bloomsbury theatre, London Talk about a statement of intent. Sarah Silverman 's first line tonight, a beat after her intro music subsides, is: "I was brutally raped to that song." After the collapse of her last UK gig ( fans protested when she finished

Harry Hill - review

New theatre, Oxford "I'm a 48-year-old ex-doctor," wails Harry Hill , "trying to get laughs out of a baby's belt in a baguette." This is halfway through Sausage Time, his first standup show since 2005 , and by this stage, the belt-in-the-baguette gag (

Sarah Kendall - review

Soho theatre Ikea ads, greengrocers and the work of Hans Christian Andersen: wherever Sarah Kendall looks, sexism looms large. Since her last full show, the former Perrier award nominee has become mother to a little girl, which has sharpened her focus

Alexei Sayle - review

Soho theatre, London It's "fucking terrifying" returning to standup after 17 years, says Alexei Sayle , and in the first five minutes, you wonder if he is going to pull it off. This is a man who in his pomp channelled naked aggression on stage - and

Luisa Omielan - review

Soho theatre, London Luisa Omielan secured a best newcomer nomination at last year's Edinburgh comedy awards for a show on the Free Fringe, far from the festival's main stages. I doubt she'll ever be that far from the limelight again: her show What Wou