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Dave Gelly

Alec Wilder: Music for Lost Souls & Wounded Birds - review

(Hep) "Wilder," says Terry Teachout in the notes to this double-CD collection, "spent his life looking for cracks to fall through." Too formal for jazz tastes, too jazzy for classicists, he was predestined to minority status. But it was a sharp-eared, so

Threeway: Looking Forward, Looking Back - review

This is a band that gives the term "chamber jazz" a good name.

Keith Jarrett: No End - review

(ECM) Recorded in 1986 but released for the first time, this double CD presents Jarrett the multi-instrumentalist. On it, he plays not only piano but various guitars (including bass), tabla, recorder, drums and assorted percussion. Oddly enough, the ef

Claire Martin & Richard Rodney Bennett: Say It Isn't So - review

At first glance they made an odd couple, the jazz singer and the distinguished composer, but when it came to the intimate art of "songs at the piano" they had no rivals.

Soo Cho Jass United: Pandora - review

(Curling Legs) Soo Cho is a young Korean pianist, her band, Jass United, consists of an Argentinian saxophonist and Dutch bassist and drummer, and the record label with the peculiar name is Norwegian. Together, they succeed in creating a cool, clear, m

Ahmad Jamal: Saturday Morning - review

(Jazz Village) Jamal has always been unpredictable; it's part of his charm, and at 83 he's as wayward as ever. Embarking on Duke Ellington's I Got it Bad, he finds snatches of other tunes by Duke keep occurring to him, so he stitches them into the fabric

Various: French New Wave - review

The third in an epic series of jazz soundtrack boxes, and possibly the best yet.

Echoes of Swing: Blue Pepper - review

(Act) It's hard to believe at first that there are only four instruments here. The arrangements are so ingenious, and the playing so nimble, that it could be at least twice that number. But listen closely and you will discover just a quartet of trumpet,

Tina May: Divas - review

(Hep) Tina May waited a long time to record this collection of songs associated with great female singers of the last century - Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Lotte Lenya, Edith Piaf et al - but it was worth it. Not only has her own singing matured, she

Kate and Mike Westbrook: The Serpent Hit - review

(Westbrook Records) For once, the word "unique" really does apply in the case of this partnership . They have been crossing genres for the past 40 years - cabaret, musical theatre, opera, brass bands, oratorio and every imaginable sort of jazz ensemble.