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Dave Simpson

Boyzone - review

Boyzone's Ronan Keating is rattling off tales about their lives and times as one of Europe's biggest-selling boybands, back in their 1990s heyday.

Tears For Fears: how we made Mad World

Songwriter Roland Orzabal and singer Curt Smith recall channelling their domestic troubles into a song that tried to match Duran Duran and ended up on the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

Haim - review

One fan has found a novel way of declaring his amorous intentions towards the Haim sisters.

Torres: Torres - review

(Self-released) Not to be confused with Chelsea's Spanish striker, this Torres is 22-year-old, Nashville-based Mackenzie Scott , who sings startlingly intimate confessionals about need, longing, jealousy and isolation. Her debut album was recorded live

The Waterboys go back to Irish roots: 'We were high on music'

A box set at last releases some of the huge tranche of songs the Waterboys recorded while holed up in Ireland making the Fisherman's Blues album. Singer Mike Scott recalls the spontaneous magic of those epic sessions At the end of 1985, Mike Scott had

Sheila E: Icon - review

(Moosicus) Sheila E(scovedo) is best known as Prince's Lovesexy-era musical director and the drummer on some of his greatest recordings, including Purple Rain and Sign O' the Times. However, her considerable pedigree also includes spells with Diana Ross

Robbie Williams: Swings Both Ways - review

(Island) Robbie Williams has returned to the format of 2001's big band-era cover album, Swing When You're Winning, one of the most successful of his career, but this time with six original songs, and oodles more self-deprecating camp. Swing Supreme - one

Throwing Muses: Purgatory/Paradise - review

(The Friday Project) Two years ago, Throwing Muses frontwoman Kristin Hersh told the Guardian that every time she writes a song she gets suicidal urges, which makes the band's first album in over a decade somewhat troubling. Housed in a hardback book a

Cults: Static - review

(Sony) Cults ' eponymous debut pondered modern love against the backdrop of the bustling pace of life. Two years on, the San Diego-born, New York-based band are no longer also a romantic pairing, which seems to have given their music a giddier, franti

White Denim: Coriscana Lemonade - review

(Downtown) Speaking to the Guardian in 2011, Texas quartet White Denim revealed that they were coming under pressure to write pop songs. Two years on, they appear to have decided that is not such a bad thing. Corsicana Lemonade may take them to a much