Hermione Hoby

Unlocking the Truth: Brooklyns teen metalheads

Unlocking the Truth are the youngest group ever to sign to Sony in a $1.8m deal.

Hurts: Exile - review

(Sony) What with the impeccable tailoring, the monochrome styling, and the slo-mo moodiness of their videos, Hurts should sound - or would like you to think they sound - like elegant despair. Alas though, the duo's Ultravox-indebted synthpop continues to

Dido: Girl Who Got Away - review

(Sony) By the early 00s, when her albums No Angel and Life for Rent were selling by the tens of millions, Dido had became a byword for bland; this was music to have dinner parties to. But even a song as lyrically lame as the title track ("I wanna mov

Wild Belle: Isles - review

(Columbia) Wild Belle are a fashion-crowd-lauded brother-sister duo from Chicago who now, as custom dictates, find themselves settled in Brooklyn. Happily, their music is less predictable than that geographical inevitability. Elliot Bergman, who makes hi

Matmos: The Marriage of True Minds - review

The duo have brought a more literal sense to the word experimental on this ninth album in that it's based on their pseudo-scientific parapsychological inquiries into telepathy. The band attempted to "transmit the concept of" their 1998 debut album to sens

Hidden treasures: Honey Ltd - Psychedelic Folk Essentials

This soulful girl group moved from Detroit to LA to try and make it, and became proteges of Lee Hazlewood. Yet their debut album failed to take off ... not that it bothered the band too much

The Asphodells: Ruled by Passion Destroyed by Lust - review

(Rotters Golf Club) Andrew Weatherall is the sort of DJ-producer-remixer who can do no sonic wrong and this - a collaboration with old friend Timothy J Fairplay - might be the most right thing he's done in years. Sounding like Kraftwerk, but warmer, New

Illustrator Barbara Nessim: 'I was just steering my own ship'

She dated Marc Bolan, lived with Gloria Steinem - and captured a country in change. Ahead of a major retrospective, Barbara Nessim talks shoes, salsa and suffering In 1956, in a tiny apartment in the Bronx, Barbara Nessim 's parents ceded a corner of th