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Ian Sansom

Falling Out of Time by David Grossman - review

Ian Sansom applauds David Grossman's intimate work of mourning In his Arthur Miller Freedom to Write lecture , delivered in New York in 2007 - a lecture that should be read by anyone interested in undertaking the emotional labour of making any kind of t

Winter by Christopher Nicholson - review

Nicholson's understated prose perfectly suits this account of Thomas Hardy's unrequited love during his autumnal years We begin "On a blue November dawn, not long before the present time", on "one of the old roads leaving a well-known country town in the

Shady Characters: Ampersands, Interrobangs and other Typographical Curiosities by Keith Houston - review

Punctuation is not a mere ornament or a curiosity - it is essential, and we need to know about it. Keith Houston's history is entertaining and readable Don't buy the e-book. If ever a book deserved its hardbacked, reverse-embossed, lavishly illustrated,

Dossier K by Imre Kertesz - review

Kertesz delves into his life not only during the Second World War, when he was deported from Budapest at 14 with other Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz concentration camp, but also his experiences under so-called 'Goulash Communism'. Dossier K is the first and

Taipei by Tao Lin - review

To some, Tao Lin is the epitome of the hipster young American: cool, knowing, ironic. To others, he is also the epitome of the hipster young American: self-obsessed, stupid, sophomoric. You decide A poet, essayist, artist, publisher and consummate self-p

Altai by Wu Ming - review

Ian Sansom admires a collectively written historical thriller The New Yorker once described Clive James as "a brilliant bunch of guys". Wu Ming actually are a brilliant bunch of guys: Roberto Bui, Giovanni Cattabriga, Federico Guglielmi and Riccardo Pedr

Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History by Eduardo Galeano - review

It's May, but this is a Christmas kind of a book: giftable, covetable, hefty, handsome, a veritable plum pudding of a thing, its lovely midnight-blue cover designed to look as though dotted with stars, or perhaps dusted with sugar, and slathered all over

Nostalgia by Jonathan Buckley - review

This is the sort of book that could probably only have been published by Sort of Books, a small independent publisher whose shortlist of authors and titles includes the likes of cartoonist /musician/pataphysician Peter Blegvad, Moomin-maker Tove Jansson,

Exodus by Lars Iyer - review

In the third book in the trilogy, the most undynamic duo since Vladimir and Estragon continue their ramblings on the death of philosophy "That's why he's dreamt up our lecture tour of Britain, our last tour of the ruins of the humanities. We are to inves