Jonathan Jones

Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude review a feminist artist ahead of his time

Cortauld Gallery, LondonThe Austrian artists passionate love of women is illuminated in one of the most important and sexy exhibitions of the year Sex and stockings: Egon Schieles nudes in pictures Continue reading...

Was William Morris actually just a pious bore?

By presenting the artist as a hero of the left, the National Portrait Gallerys new show utterly misses the point about his true revolutionary spirit National Portrait Gallery explores William Morris's belief in art for all.

Mirrorcity review reflections on a relentless rush of nonsense

This art show for the digital age is a catastrophic mix of the harebrained and the talentless and it heralds disaster for London's artistic ambitions.

Rembrandt: The Late Works review triumph in masters tragedy

This brilliant, brave journey through the tragedy of his fall reveals the true Rembrandt a man at the end of his tether.

Tracey Emin: The Last Great Adventure is You review a lesson in how to be a real artist

White Cube, BermondseyThe body screams in Emins latest show, which moves from crumbling, fleshy paint to tortured bronzes, and shakes the tradition of the female nude to the core. She is now clearly the most important British artist of her generationTrace

The Turner prize show: voices, videos and erotic tickling sticks

Has the Turner prize lost its power to shock? No thanks to James Richardss sphincter shots. But its Tris Vonna-Michells spellbinding spoken-word travelogues that deserve to win.

Ai Weiwei takes his place among the greats amid the opulence of Blenheim

Modern chinoiserie and myths of east and west meet in a chaotic, hilarious, liberating vision of history gone mad.

Anselm Kiefer at the Royal Academy review an exciting rollercoaster ride of beauty, horror and history

Born in Germany as the Nazis fell, Anselm Kiefers back catalogue is an astonishing look at the awful burden of history.

The renegade art school proving that painting is not dead

As conceptual art becomes the academic orthodoxy, the new Turps art school is fighting for the place of painting in contemporary art.