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Jonathan Jones

Digging up trouble: beware the curse of King Tutankhamun

The ancient Egyptian boy-king's tomb was excavated in 1923, then people started dropping like flies. A new exhibition explores the greatest archaeology story ever told.

Gilbert & George review a dirty-mouthed atheist onslaught

This new exhibition of relentless photomontages restates the double act's desire to offend on a colossal scale.

Radical Geometry review South American art to set your mind free

South America's modern art revolution hits you like a guerrilla attack in this dazzling survey at the Royal Academy. Prepare to see things differently As you look through Jesús Soto's Nylon Cube its blue, black and silver filaments chop up your per

Making Colour review enter a dazzling, eye-opening world

This scientific look at how artists risked their lives to create gorgeous colours will blow your mind and open your eyes to art.

British Folk Art review welcome to the old weird Britain

With its flying fish, mighty figureheads and scripture in bottles, this sweep through the lost history of British popular art trashes the safe, stately-home view of our culture.

Kenneth Clark: Looking for Civilisation review 'A destructive waste of time'

Tate Britain, London What should have been an exploration of Clark's witty championing of great art turns him into a prehistoric old fart Kenneth Clark: arrogant snob or saviour of art? Why should people of the 21st century be interested in an art hi

Tomb raider: enter the British Museum's underground mummy store

It was a couple of days after I visited the mummy store that my nightmares began.

The first world war in German art: Otto Dix's first-hand visions of horror

In 1914 Otto Dix joined the German army as a fierce patriot; two years later he was mowing down British soldiers at the Somme. Yet few artists did more to reveal the true horror of the first world war.

Veronese review - 'a carnivalesque appetite for all human life'

The grandeur and detail of Renaissance Venice provides as exciting an encounter with great art as you can ask for.

Intimate Pompeii and the private lives of the royals - the week in art

The British Museum's blockbuster Pompeii exhibition and a peek at the Secrets of the Royal Bedchamber at Hampton Court – all in your weekly roundup of events in the art world.