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Killian Fox

Passerby review Luluc's nostalgia-prone record of quiet observations

"Flying over Chicago/ Bare trees line the white snow," are the opening lines of this second album from Australian duo Luluc and they set the tone for what follows: a stripped-back, nostalgia-prone record full of quiet observations, many of them made throu

Pixie Lott review self-titled tribute to Motown gives musical homage a bad name

Some musical homages, like the soul-stealing cameras feared by certain pre-modern tribes, have a potentially negative effect on the artist or genre they set out to replicate.

Lese Majesty review Shabazz Palaces take hip-hop into another dimension

(Sub Pop)Hip-hop is constantly being tweaked and nudged in new directions, but rarely is it reconfigured as radically, and thrillingly, as on this second album from Shabazz Palaces. Their previous work set the template free-flowing, futuristic rap dusted

Live Life Living review Example's fifth album fails to ignite

If his breakthrough Playing in the Shadows was the hedonistic night before, Example's last record The Evolution of Man was the rueful morning after, an exercise in humility that did not, however, stray too far from the dancefloor.

Forgetting the Present review haunting instrumental beauty from Remember Remember

This instrumental rock outfit from Glasgow started out as one man, Graeme Ronald, playing a lot of instruments.

Wysing Forest review Luke Abbott's unexpectedly moving electronic epics

The title refers to the rural setting – an arts centre outside Cambridge – where Norfolk electronic musician Luke Abbott recorded the raw material for his second album.

Lizzobangers review Lizzo's super-charged debut

(Virgin EMI) "Don't tell us to slow it down, we won't listen we're twentysomethings." She's speaking on behalf of her age group here, but Lizzo , a Texan rapper based in Minneapolis, could also be referring to her own delivery. In this super-charged deb

Lazaretto review Jack White returns with sludge rock and sweet slide guitar

Atypically for Jack White, who used to throw White Stripes records together in weeks, his second solo album took a year and a half to make.

Do It Again review Röyksopp & Robyn

(Dog Triumph Via Wall of Sound and Cooking Vinyl) This is not a new pairing: the idiosyncratic Swedish pop star and the Norwegian electronic duo have graced one another's records in the past. What's unexpected about this mini-album is how subdued Roby

And Then You Shoot Your Cousin review the Roots grow ever more challenging, and ever more brilliant

(Virgin EMI) When US talk-show host Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show in February, he brought his house band of five years with him. Their TV gig secure, veteran hip-hop crew the Roots grow steadily more challenging and interesting on record