Killian Fox

Dean Blunt: Black Metal review a work of strange dichotomies

This, the second solo album proper from elusive Londoner Dean Blunt, is a work of strange dichotomies.

The Ting Tings: Super Critical review catchy but superficial

After their difficult second album reportedly torture to make, Welcome to Nowheresville wasnt much fun to listen to either – the Ting Tings have made things a little easier for themselves on this follow-up.

Caribou: Our Love review clear in its floor-filling aims

(City Slang)On his fourth album as Caribou, Dan Snaith continues the pleasurable drift into dance music that picked up on his 2010 album Swim (which boosted his popularity as a live act) and was quickened by subsequent releases under his Daphni alias. Our

Aphex Twin: Syro review Richard D James makes a gratifying comeback

Although he has released music under other aliases, Richard D James has kept his work as Aphex Twin under wraps for the past 13 years.

Chlöe Howl: 'Unfortunately I'm a little bit of a gossip'

The teenage singer-songwriter on why she's never short of inspiration.

Merchandise: After the End review ponderous guitar-pop

This Google-proof quintet grew out of the fiercely independent punk scene in Tampa, Florida.

Passerby review Luluc's nostalgia-prone record of quiet observations

"Flying over Chicago/ Bare trees line the white snow," are the opening lines of this second album from Australian duo Luluc and they set the tone for what follows: a stripped-back, nostalgia-prone record full of quiet observations, many of them made throu

Pixie Lott review self-titled tribute to Motown gives musical homage a bad name

Some musical homages, like the soul-stealing cameras feared by certain pre-modern tribes, have a potentially negative effect on the artist or genre they set out to replicate.

Lese Majesty review Shabazz Palaces take hip-hop into another dimension

(Sub Pop)Hip-hop is constantly being tweaked and nudged in new directions, but rarely is it reconfigured as radically, and thrillingly, as on this second album from Shabazz Palaces. Their previous work set the template free-flowing, futuristic rap dusted

Live Life Living review Example's fifth album fails to ignite

If his breakthrough Playing in the Shadows was the hedonistic night before, Example's last record The Evolution of Man was the rueful morning after, an exercise in humility that did not, however, stray too far from the dancefloor.