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Kitty empire

Beck Song Reader review 'a highly listenable, risk-free album of covers'

Back in late 2012, Beck released a volume of sheet music, a limited edition album housed between hard covers.

The Voyager review Jenny Lewis goes into confessional mode

(Warner)Years ago, dulcet-voiced Jenny Lewis, frontwoman of LA indie rockers Rilo Kiley, released her debut solo album Rabbit Fur Coat, an undersung indie-country-soul gem. Since then, much has happened, and also, somehow, not enough. Rilo Kiley are no mo

Pet Shop Boys review Alan Turing Prom curiously lacking in modernity

Royal Albert Hall, LondonA Prom dedicated to a 'man from the future' was stirring, but cried out for more input from Chris LoweNomenclature can get tricky when you think outside the box. What are we to call A Man From the Future, the Pet Shop Boys' tribut

Trouble in Paradise review La Roux is back, on her own

After a five-year wait, the flame-quiffed androgyne returns with a persuasive second helping of cool synth-popMight the 2 million people worldwide who bought the throwback synth-pop of La Roux's debut still be listening? (Can one even have nostalgia for a

World Peace is None of Your Business review Morrissey's 10th finds the singer on an upswing

Could Morrissey ever not be embattled? Bloody-minded if not from the womb, then certainly from secondary education onwards, the Morrissey persona that crystallised in the Smiths is one of enduringly indignant defence.

Jungle review self-titled slice of accomplished search-engine-unfriendly disco-funk

Naming their outfit after an entirely unrelated genre was never going to optimise Jungle's search engine results.

1000 Forms of Fear review Sia Furler, ace songwriter, reluctant star

In the age of celebrity, creativity is often just a means to an end. You write, compose or direct.

Jack White review the din lets you in

There's not much room for detail amid the shock and awe, but Jack White is as mesmerising as ever.

Can't Love review Turn to Crime show there's more to them than just Stooges rehashes

It's always a treat when emotionally barren curmudgeons have a way with a tune.

Wanted on Voyage review George Ezra proves he's more than just another soppy strummer

Do we really need another guitar-toting troubadour, one whose singing voice says "Mississippi Delta sharecropper" while his phenotype says "Boden catalogue"? We already have Paolo Nutini.