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Kitty empire

Sinead O'Connor live review a tigress tamed?

The extraordinary, tear-jerking force of Sinead O'Connor at her best is undermined by too much mid-tempo pop rock.

Royal Blood review muscular debut from Brighton two-man riff factory

(Warner Bros)In January, Brighton duo Royal Blood seemed like a tokenistic entry on the BBC's Sound of 2014. The two twenty-nothing friends might have looked a little like a bearded Disclosure dipped in black Dylon, but they sounded like a riff factory, o

Benjamin Booker review self-titled pugnacious punk blues

Benjamin Booker comes from the same neck of the woods as Hurray for the Riff Raff that's New Orleans and shares the same pugnacious, scuffed-up roots sensibility as Alabama Shakes.

FKA Twigs: LP1 review barely-there R&B reaches ecstatic new heights

By now, those with their ears pricked up will probably know a little about the artist Formerly Known as Twigs, one of 2014's most eagerly anticipated debutantes.

When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day review Mirel Wagner specialises in 'stark yet catchy'

Let's pretend for a moment that the prospect of an artist born in Ethiopia and raised in Helsinki, one who sings Anglo-American folk-blues songs, isn't intriguing.

Beck Song Reader review 'a highly listenable, risk-free album of covers'

Back in late 2012, Beck released a volume of sheet music, a limited edition album housed between hard covers.

The Voyager review Jenny Lewis goes into confessional mode

(Warner)Years ago, dulcet-voiced Jenny Lewis, frontwoman of LA indie rockers Rilo Kiley, released her debut solo album Rabbit Fur Coat, an undersung indie-country-soul gem. Since then, much has happened, and also, somehow, not enough. Rilo Kiley are no mo

Pet Shop Boys review Alan Turing Prom curiously lacking in modernity

Royal Albert Hall, LondonA Prom dedicated to a 'man from the future' was stirring, but cried out for more input from Chris LoweNomenclature can get tricky when you think outside the box. What are we to call A Man From the Future, the Pet Shop Boys' tribut

Trouble in Paradise review La Roux is back, on her own

After a five-year wait, the flame-quiffed androgyne returns with a persuasive second helping of cool synth-popMight the 2 million people worldwide who bought the throwback synth-pop of La Roux's debut still be listening? (Can one even have nostalgia for a

World Peace is None of Your Business review Morrissey's 10th finds the singer on an upswing

Could Morrissey ever not be embattled? Bloody-minded if not from the womb, then certainly from secondary education onwards, the Morrissey persona that crystallised in the Smiths is one of enduringly indignant defence.