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Laura Barnett

Desolate Heaven

Teenagers Sive and Orlaith are running away: from the housebound parents they’re required to care for; from other, darker aspects of their pasts. What they’re running towards is less clear – a beach, perhaps, and a future that might just allow them

An electrician on Light Show

Electrician Henderson Williams casts a professional eye over the Hayward Gallery's flashy new exhibition - and wonders how he'd install it at home This wonderful exhibition really made me think about the power of lighting. It's full of works that use

Ben Eine: from street artist to high-flier

First David Cameron gave one of Eine's paintings to Barack Obama and now Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic plans to sell his work to its 'upper-class' passengers ' Can I interest you in a

Timberlake Wertenbaker: 'I'd love to write for Holby City'

She is one of our finest dramatists, having made her name with a play about 18th-century convicts in Australia. As Our Country's Good returns, Timberlake Wertenbaker talks to Laura Barnett about prison, primetime TV - and the time she accused critics of b