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Laura Barnett

Edinburgh Festival 2013: Blam! Pleasance Courtyard, review

In Blam! the brain-crushing tedium of office life is turned into silly, high-octane physical theatre, finds Laura Barnett.

Captain Amazing, Northern Stage, St Stephens, review

This may well be the best one-man show you're likely to see at the Fringe this year, says Laura Barnett.

On the One Hand, Northern Stage at St Stephen's, review

The Leeds-based theatre company the Paper Birds are celebrating their tenth anniversary with On the One Hand, a meditation on the process of ageing, and the various selves we inhabit over the course of our lives. Five performers - including Kylie Walsh, c

The Wrong Crowd: Hag, Underbelly, review

The new show from The Wrong Crowd is enjoyable but could find itself swamped in a crowded market, says Laura Barnett.

Edinburgh Festival 2013: Our Fathers, review

The young, international cast of Babakas explore fatherhood with ingenuity, says Laura Barnett.

The Shawshank Redemption, Edinburgh Assembly Rooms, review

This big-budget, lacklustre adaptation of Stephen King's novella fails to impress Laura Barnett.

Edinburgh Festival 2013: Nirbhaya, review

Yael Farber's new play is one of the most powerful you'll ever see, says Laura Barnett.

A forester's view on Timber!

When it comes to lumberjacks, Monty Python has a lot to answer for. I've lost count of the number of times people have responded to a question about what I do for a living (I usually say I manage trees) with: "Ah, you're a lumberjack – and you're OK!"

Toby Stephens, actor - portrait of the artist

'Until a few years ago, I was endlessly playing villainous, smug, posh guys on telly'