Laura Barnett

Proof - review

The line between madness and genius; the degree to which we resemble our parents; the difficulty of ever really proving the relationships that exist between two objects, mathematical or otherwise.

Kristin Scott Thomas, actor - portrait of the artist

The English Patient star talks about her big breakthrough, bad reviews - and why her worst performance is always screening on cable TV What first drew you to acting? Wanting to be somebody else. As a child, I played dress-up with great conviction. I'd

A comics artist's view on Lichtenstein: A Retrospective

For most comics artists today, Roy Lichtenstein is not a popular figure. There's no doubting his technical ability: he was a wonderful designer, and his 1963 diptych Whaam!, which takes up a whole wall of Tate Modern's show, has real impact. By using comi

Erica Whyman: deputy artistic director, Royal Shakespeare Company - profile

'What's the best thing about British theatre? Our sense of humour. And the worst? Endless conversations about funding' Job: Deputy artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, as of January 2013 . Age: 43 Best known for: A highly suc

Noddy Holder on Glam! The Performance of Style

This exhibition about the glam rock era contains several huge photographs of me with the rest of Slade. They were taken by Gered Mankowitz, one of the best photographers of the 60s and 70s. He shot everyone, from Suzi Quatro to Marc Bolan. It was strange

Desolate Heaven

Teenagers Sive and Orlaith are running away: from the housebound parents they’re required to care for; from other, darker aspects of their pasts. What they’re running towards is less clear – a beach, perhaps, and a future that might just allow them

An electrician on Light Show

Electrician Henderson Williams casts a professional eye over the Hayward Gallery's flashy new exhibition - and wonders how he'd install it at home This wonderful exhibition really made me think about the power of lighting. It's full of works that use

Ben Eine: from street artist to high-flier

First David Cameron gave one of Eine's paintings to Barack Obama and now Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic plans to sell his work to its 'upper-class' passengers ' Can I interest you in a

Timberlake Wertenbaker: 'I'd love to write for Holby City'

She is one of our finest dramatists, having made her name with a play about 18th-century convicts in Australia. As Our Country's Good returns, Timberlake Wertenbaker talks to Laura Barnett about prison, primetime TV - and the time she accused critics of b