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Luke Jennings

The Winter's Tale review 'a ballet to keep'

For Christopher Wheeldon and for British ballet, everything was hanging on his new full-length work The Winter's Tale. Happily, for the most part it's a ravishing success.

Kings of the Dance review - perfect pecs mask faint hearts

The jewelled matrons were ecstatic, but this meeting of five hot ballet boys was sadly thin on choreography.

Ballet Black review - old-school charm, new-age wit

Cassa Pancho founded Ballet Black in 2001 to provide a showcase for classical dancers of black and Asian descent and to introduce ballet to new audiences.

Border Tales; Drunk - review

Luca Silvestrini, director of Protein, is one of the UK's most consistently provocative choreographers, with works such as Dear Body and LOL pointing a satirical finger at society's most absurd contradictions.

Rhapsody; Tetractys: The Art of Fugue; Gloria - review

There have long been arguments about the existence, or non-existence, of a definable Royal Ballet style.

Running on Empty - review

Probe is a dance project launched a decade ago by Antonia Grove and Theo Clinkard, both veterans of the contemporary scene.

Apocrifu; Men in Motion - review

Queen Elizabeth Hall; Coliseum, London Cherkaoui trips over his textual metaphors while Putrov enlists Johnny Cash in a whirlwind tour of the male condition Contemporary dance has long sought to cross boundaries but few choreographers have worked in a w

Giselle - review

Dancing the title role in Giselle with the Royal Ballet, Natalia Osipova shows us that the most traditional works can be reimagined in radical and startling ways.

Jakop Ahlbom & Alamo Race Track: Lebensraum - review

Animated dolls are always worrying. From Coppélia to Petrouchka, from Jessie in Toy Story to the sexualised replicants in Blade Runner, they are always ambiguous, always at once innocent and precociously knowing.

L'Après Midi d'un Foehn; Vortex – review

Phia Menard's 'wind play' mimed to a Debussy score is both visually enchanting and musically appropriate.