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Lyn Gardner

Edinburgh festival 2014: the Tourette's hero highs and Nancy Dell'Olio lows

The fringe is over for another year, so here's 2014's unofficial bouquets and brickbats.

Edinburgh 2014 review: Front a harrowing collection of wartime voices

Luk Perceval's 'vocal orchestra' brought the experiences of people caught up in the first world war vividly to life, but was a punshing experience all told.

Edinburgh 2014 review: Kim Noble exploring the sweet sadness of existence

Noble's guerilla theatre piece runs the gamut from the unethical and troubling to random acts of kindness and real tenderness.

Edinburgh festival 2014 review: Circus Incognitus a little beauty

New Town theatre, EdinburghJamie Adkins' one-man marvel of a show blends clowning and vaudeville in ways that are subtle, clever and moving Continue reading...

Edinburgh 2014 review: KlangHaus weirdly wonderful performance art

Staged in a former animal hospital, animation and illusion combine in a captivating gig-cum-theatrical show.

Edinburgh festival 2014 review: Ganesh Versus the Third Reich 'freak porn' or devastating theatre?

Royal Lyceum, EdinburghA confrontational piece by the learning-disabled ensemble Back to Back Theatre recounts the Hindu deity's visit to Hitler's Germany to reclaim the swastika Back to Back Theatre: 'Do we have the right to perform this?' Continue readi

Edinburgh festival 2014 review: The Initiate from the London streets to the Somali seas

Summerhall @ Roundabout, EdinburghA thought-provoking play about a Somali taxi driver who leaves London to secure the release of a British couple from pirates explores the gap between who we are and how we appear Continue reading...

Simon Callow in Juvenalia: a major misjudgment Edinburgh festival 2014 review

Callow's dinner-jacketed jog through the writings of the classical poet and grump can't compete with the more vibrant satire on show all over the festival.

Edinburgh festival 2014 review: Show 6 modern Oepidal tale lacks complexity

Mark Ravenhill's vigorous but sketchy story asks what you do if you discover you're not who you thought you were.