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Lyn Gardner

Edinburgh 2014 review: KlangHaus weirdly wonderful performance art

Staged in a former animal hospital, animation and illusion combine in a captivating gig-cum-theatrical show.

Edinburgh festival 2014 review: Ganesh Versus the Third Reich 'freak porn' or devastating theatre?

Royal Lyceum, EdinburghA confrontational piece by the learning-disabled ensemble Back to Back Theatre recounts the Hindu deity's visit to Hitler's Germany to reclaim the swastika Back to Back Theatre: 'Do we have the right to perform this?' Continue readi

Edinburgh festival 2014 review: The Initiate from the London streets to the Somali seas

Summerhall @ Roundabout, EdinburghA thought-provoking play about a Somali taxi driver who leaves London to secure the release of a British couple from pirates explores the gap between who we are and how we appear Continue reading...

Simon Callow in Juvenalia: a major misjudgment Edinburgh festival 2014 review

Callow's dinner-jacketed jog through the writings of the classical poet and grump can't compete with the more vibrant satire on show all over the festival.

Edinburgh festival 2014 review: Show 6 modern Oepidal tale lacks complexity

Mark Ravenhill's vigorous but sketchy story asks what you do if you discover you're not who you thought you were.

Edinburgh festival review 2014: SmallWar the trauma of war made tangible

Traverse, EdinburghA haunting one-man show about the not-so-small impact of war is hard to ignore and even harder to watch.

Mark Thomas's Cuckooed: a clever, angry show about corporate spying Edinburgh 2014 review

Thomas recounts the infiltration of his group of anti-arms trade campaigners by a plant from BAE Systems in an excoriating, heartfelt monologue Mark Thomas and other performers on their all-time favourite Edinburgh shows.

Edinburgh festival 2014 review: Pioneer bold, inventive space drama

There's a touch of Complicite about Curious Directive, whose swaggering show about a mission to Mars celebrates the human hunger for discovery.

Edinburgh festival 2014 review: Huff inspired house tour for little pigs

There's an extraordinary level of detail, and a few dark crannies, in this guided installation through a fairytale house.

Edinburgh festival 2014 review: Spoiling bantering introduction to an independent Scotland

John McCann's two-hander about the first meeting between a newly autonomous Scotland's foreign minister and her English counterpart is witty but underdeveloped.