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Lyn Gardner

Donkey Heart review a terrific play lurking inside a flabby one

Rage, suppressed emotion and family secrets in a Moscow flat provide the setting for this uneven but sharply funny play.

Titus Andronicus review Shakespeare's bloodbath becomes a sadistic delight

Nasty, but oh so very, very nice, too. Lucy Bailey's 2006 revival returns to the Globe, and it's gorier and funnier than ever.

My Name Is review even-handed account of Molly Campbell scandal

Sudha Bhuchar's unhysterical account of a schoolgirl caught between her mother and father – and society – pays dividends.

Water Babies review chimney-sweep musical is a mess

This show based on a sermonising Victorian story has a fatal mix of blandness and mawkishness.

Sunny Afternoon review Ray Davies musical is hardly rock'n'roll

This story about the Kinks would have been better presented as a jukebox musical

Archimedes' Principle review a cleverly executed, slippery little play

You can almost smell the chlorine in Josep Maria Miró i Coromina's child-abuse drama set in a leisure centre.

Let the Right One In five-star review – 'Exquisitely beautiful staging'

The Swedish horror-drama about a love between a vampire and a bullied schoolboy is brought to life once more in this sensitive, ambiguous adaptation.

Hetty Feather review – Jacqueline Wilson circus show needs more tricks

Sally Cookson's production has some magical touches but it stays too faithful to the script, with the red-haired heroine ultimately outstaying her welcome.

The Hired Man - review

Howard Goodall and Melvyn Bragg's musical about Cumbrian working life premiered at the Nuffield in Southampton, but failed to find favour in its 1984 debut in a West End already in thrall to Andrew Lloyd Webber. However, recent revivals across the country

The Book of Mormon offers gospel lessons in social-media marketing

The news that The Book of Mormon set a record on Friday for the biggest single day in ticket sales in West End and Broadway history is probably less a testament to the show itself – insanely enjoyable though it is – than to its clever (and clearly ver