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Lyn Gardner

The Glass Supper review objectionable people shrieking loudly

Gay and straight relationships alike provoke wine-soaked spite in a play that veers between soap opera and dismal Joe Orton black comedy.

Mametz review A bloody battle on the Somme is evoked in a Welsh wood

In this fresh, visceral, time-bending piece, scripted by the poet Owen Sheers, the audience are cast as sightseers on a battlefield tour.

The Notebook review Forced Entertainment's dark fairytale about war and childhood

BAC, London This show based on Agota Kristof's story strips away any sentimentality to present the diary of twins surviving war Forced Entertainment have seldom strayed away from performance and into theatre but when they do the result can be galvanising

Idomeneus review whip-smart questioning of Greek tragedy

Fate and stories are not fixed entities in the hands of Roland Schimmelpfennig's playful reworking of the Troy-era legend.

Beth Steel's Wonderland: coalminer's daughter hits a rich seam in strike play

A sprawling new drama at Hampstead theatre explores how the 1980s industrial dispute changed Britain When Beth Steel sent her play Wonderland to theatres for their consideration, one of them inquired whether she had seen Billy Elliot . Wonderland begins

Red Forest review aesthetic hand-wringing over the environment

Belarus Free Theatre has won admiration for its continued determination to oppose, imaginatively, the Belarus dictatorship, whatever the personal cost to some of the company's members, but also for a willingness to make connections.

Klook's Last Stand review bluesy musical shoots straight from the heart

Ako Mitchell and Sheila Atim bring vim and vigour to Che Walker's tale of two people trying to rewrite their lives.

The Roof review staged video game runs out of life

You're meant to feel like the hero running free and battling opponents, but the thrills never quite take off.

Museum of Water review every drop tells a story in show of donated water

Somerset House, London Tears from a miscarriage and bathwater shared by a mother and child are on display in this touching gallery of samples A human body can be as much as 80% water. We can survive for long periods without food but no more than a week w

Intimate Apparel review writing as delicate as a lace undergarment

It's 1905 and Esther (Tanya Moodie) is a black seamstress who has lived in a New York boarding house for 18 years.