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Lyn Gardner

The Heads - review

Soho theatre, London Blind Summit are the UK's puppet masters, a company whose shows, such as Low Life and the brilliant The Table , have proved that puppetry doesn't have to come either with apologies or strings attached. But this latest show takes a s

Fiesco - review

New Diorama, London The autocratic rule of the elderly Duke Doria of Genoa is tottering, and both senators and public loathe the duke's heir - his dissolute nephew, Gianettino. The republican, Verrina, and his co-conspirators know they need the help of

Ivy and Joan - review

The Print Room, London The intimate new upstairs space at the Print Room is a winner, made all the more cosy by the hot-water bottles handed out to the audience. I wish I could feel as warmly towards James Hogan's double-bill of plays about two women o

The Cardinals - review

Roundhouse, London Religion and theatre have much in common. Both require their followers to believe what seems to be unbelievable; and Catholicism in particular has truly fantastic costumes, not to mention a belief in transformations. The two are brough

Olga's Room - review

Arcola, London German playwright Dea Loher's 1992 drama about Olga Benario , the German Jewish communist who was active in Germany and Brazil in the 1930s, is hard on both performers and audience. This gruelling couple of hours takes us inside the hea