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Maddy Costa

Chewing Gum Dreams review: An effervescent look at adolescence

National Theatre, London Michaela Coel's firecracker of a monologue is an exploration of friendship, sex, race and faltering self-belief In a famous scene from Lena Dunham's TV show Girls , a female gynaecologist declares: "You could not pay me en

The Husbands review - 'Too illustrative to feel organic'

Soho theatre, London Sharmila Chauhan's interrogation of an Indian feminist utopia wears the issues a bit too much on its sleeve Aya, the wife at the heart of Sharmila Chauhan's knotty new play, is an inspirational figure: a community leader, a respecte

Riverrun review - 'An hour spent fishing in Joyce's Finnegans Wake'

Olwen Fouéré's microphone stand is a thing of sculptural beauty.

I'd Rather Goya Robbed Me

Steffan Rhodri delivers Rodrigo García's argument for the soothing power of high art with crackling energy

Kate O'Flynn: 'You have absolutely no perspective after drama school'

A Taste of Honey's Kate O'Flynn has become a powerful stage presence with her line in outspoken northerners. The actor talks to Maddy Costa about going to extremes.

Bill Callahan: Have Fun With God - review

(Drag City) Whatever the word dub means to you, chances are Bill Callahan's version won't match it. Have Fun With God is dub in the root sense of a double: essentially, it's a cubist remix of his 2013 album Dream River , fracturing the surface of each s

RashDash: punking feminist theatre

Their late-night shows at the Edinburgh festival are packed with the kind of young audiences other theatres can only dream about.

Nathaniel Rateliff: Falling Faster Than You Can Run - review

(Mod y Vi) There's a lonely whippoorwill feel to Nathaniel Rateliff's second album, as though he wrote it all in a woodland clearing near the log cabin home of Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago . What he can see in his peripheral vision, however, is Mum

Carrie Cracknell: erasing Blurred Lines

New theatre show Blurred Lines, provoked by last year's summer pop smash, puts misogyny and rape culture across all the arts in its sights. Director Carrie Cracknell tells Maddy Costa why she hired a male writer - and why men should watch it, too Summer

Goat - review

If – and it's quite a big if – the stories Goat tell about themselves are to be believed, the nine people on stage at Koko represent a much bigger collective of musicians, who all hail from the tiny locality of Korpilombolo, Sweden (last population co