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Matt Trueman

Banksy: The Room in the Elephant how art lost one man his home

When the story broke that a Banksy artwork had rendered a vagrant street performer homeless, it was in danger of turning the evictee into a commodity himself. But isn't a play detailing the event doing exactly the same thing? "THIS LOOKS A BIT LIKE AN ELE

Eldorado, Arcola Theatre review

Simon Dormandy's production is more cryptic than it needs to be

The Two Worlds of Charlie F review - An unflinching look at life after war

The stage fills up with men and women in uniform, falling in as they would in a drill hall.

Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales: An Immersive Fairytale for Young and Old review - 'Instagram theatre'

A museum of sorts has been created beneath Shoreditch Town Hall. It's full of magical artefacts: a spinning wheel swamped in hay, seven half-size beds, an apple on a pillow in a glass casket.

Marvellous, they wrote: raptures greet Angela Lansbury's West End return

You didn't need a mystic to see this one coming: Angela Lansbury's return to the British stage – for the first time since 1975, no less – in a West End production of Blithe Spirit has been greeted with near universal acclaim from critics.

Away From Home

Saturday afternoon and Kyle is on the terraces, shouting down the away side’s goalscorer.

Charlie F and the real theatre of war: 'this isn't like Miss Saigon'

Before joining the British Royal Marines, Cassidy Little trained as a dancer, winning a ballet scholarship in St Louis.

Threepenny Opera review - 'All the more furious from disabled actors'

"What keeps a man alive?" The cri de coeur at the heart of Bertholt Brecht and Kurt Weill's angry anti-capitalist musical becomes all the more furious in the mouths of disabled actors protesting against welfare cuts.

A Tale of Two Cities review - 'A smash-and-grab raid on Dickens'

Best of times, worst of times: Mike Poulton takes them both at a gallop in an adaptation that feels like a smash-and-grab raid on Dickens's text.