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Michael Hann

Royal Blood rocknroll where it counts

Brighton band Royal Blood arent very debauched off stage but they more than make up for it with their live showsNoel Gallagher says theres no feeling in the world like throwing a TV out of a hotel window. As he says these words, Royal Bloods singer and b

Ty Segall: Manipulator review an unadulterated joy from start to finish

Rock is replete with musicians who toil away in multiple guises, releasing album after album with confounding frequency.

Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards: Distance review a heartbreak album that's never depressing

(The State51 Conspiracy)Dan Michaelson has made a bit of a miniature masterpiece in Distance. It's just 30 minutes long, comprises only eight songs, and has a sonic palette that stretches little further than pedal steel, acoustic and electric guitars, ba

Childhood: Lacuna review delightful, sun-drenched guitar pop

The fact that this delightful, rippling, sun-drenched album is creeping out on a label that is "currently updating" its website rather than on a major, to fanfares from the press, with a huge promotional push says a great deal about musical fashions.

Everything's a Thread review John Steel Singers' Aussie stoner-rock is the perfect summer soundtrack

(Full Time Hobby)Could it be Australia's immunity to the great 21st-century global recession that has produced this seemingly unending wave of sun-dappled psychedelia? The John Steel Singers, from Brisbane, follow the likes of Tame Impala and Pond in soun

Cerebral Ballzy: Jaded & Faded review fuzz guitars to minor-key moodiness

(Cult) This New York hardcore crew have turned to TV on the Radio 's Dave Sitek to produce their second album, and it's yielded pleasing results. The insane bark-and-roar has been reined back just enough to add a little clarity, and the pace is a tad l

Straight Arrows: Rising review reverb-slathered melodic garage rock

(Agitated) It's a slight disappointment to discover that Australia's Straight Arrows look like ordinary people. Their second album suggests they should, at the very least, be sporting black jeans of extraordinary tightness, Cuban-heeled chelsea boots an

Happyness: Weird Little Birthday review charming UK slacker-rock

(Genepool) If it hasn't been exactly a tidal wave, then there's at least been a ripple of a revival in early 90s US slacker rock in the UK over the last few years, with the likes of Mazes and Yuck . They're followed by the London trio Happyness , whos

Lorde review compelling performer but musically monotonous

Lorde conveys teen concerns with adult sophistication and husky gravitas. When her musical imagination matches the rest of her talent, she'll be unbeatable.

Fucked Up: Glass Boys review softcore in need of topline melodies

If Fucked Up are no longer a hardcore band, what are they?