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Paul Taylor

Ballad of the Burning Star, theatre review: Story of Israel told by satirical cabaret

The story of Israel and its agonising contradictions has been told many times but this piece, by the acclaimed Theatre Ad Infinitum company, surely has the distinction of being the first to do so through the mode of spangly satirical cabaret.

A Taste of Honey, Lyttelton, theatre review

Shelagh Delaney, then an eighteen year old working-class Salford girl, famously wrote A Taste of Honey after seeing Terence Rattigan's Variations on a Theme at the Manchester Opera House.

Kindertransport, theatre review: 'Deeply moving and beautifully acted'

Andrew Hall directs this deeply moving and beautifully acted revival of Diane Samuels' now-classic 1993 play about the psychological scars left on some of the 10,000 unaccompanied Jewish children who were evacuated to England from Europe between December

The Robbers, theatre review

Schiller began writing this Sturm und Drang classic at the age of nineteen and it created a sensation when it was first produced in 1782, the French Revolution just seven years away.

Stroke of Luck, theatre review: 'A synthetic mix of jokiness and sentimentality'

This debut play by veteran Broadway press agent Larry Belling homes in on the estranged children of recently widowed stroke-victim Lester Riley who, at the memorial service for his wife, shocks them by announcing his intention to marry his attractive Japa

What the Women Did, theatre review: 'Deeply funny and touching'

Two's Company present a fascinating commemorative triple bill of dramatic rarities from the 1920s about the experiences of the women left behind in Blighty during the First World War.

King Lear, review: 'Sam Mendes and Simon Russell Beale's production is worth the wait'

Simon Russell Beale was not gushing when he described Sam Mendes as his “professional soulmate”.

Blurred Lines, theatre review: Robin Thicke meets The Equality Illusion

One of the more preposterous statements of 2013 was provided by Robin Thicke. Trying to defend the video of his song

The Pass, theatre review: 'Acerbically witty play that tackles homophobia in football'

John Donnelly's acerbically witty and horribly gripping new play tackles the topical subject of the homophobia that seems to be entrenched in the culture of football.

Simon Russell Beale: Best and soundest actor of his time

Is there no limit to his genius? The question arises with particular pertinence at the moment because Simon Russell Beale is pulling off the rare trick of appearing in two Shakespeare productions concurrently.