Phil and Andrew

Review - The Winslow Boy, Old Vic

"Is it the one about the postal order?" queried Andrew, who, like Phil, often confuses Terrence Rattigan's postal order play The Winslow Boy with his celebration-of-gravy play The Browning Version.

Review - Leslie Jordan - Fruit Fly, Leicester Square Theatre

Walking through Leicester Square last night en route to a post-show tincture the Whingers were discussing the square's new look. Phil related a story about how he was criticising the square's new metal railings to a friend, not realising he was talking to

Review - The Book of Mormon, Prince of Wales Theatre

Unless you've been buried in a hill in Wayne County, New York State for the last couple of years you can't fail to have heard of this one.

Review - Longing, Hampstead Theatre

Choosing a title for your play must be a bit like negotiating a minefield. It’s a wonder Princess Diana never got involved.

Review - The Audience, Gielgud Theatre

We should probably put SPOILER ALERT in here and have done with it, but judging by the papers in the last week it seems the press were in at its first preview; the spoiling has already been done.

Review - A Chorus Line, London Palladium

“Is there anyone in it?” queried Andrew on the marathon trek from Palladium street entrance to stalls seat.

Review - Dear World, Charing Cross Theatre

It’s potty time for the Whingers.In the whiffy wake of The Captain of Köpenick and its distinctive USP (a woman performing her number twos into a chamberpot live on the Olivier stage) we are now granted another form of potty: madness.

Review - Old Times, Harold Pinter Theatre

"A matinee, a Pinter play" as Sondheim's "Ladies Who Lunch" lyric goes. And that's just what it was. A matinee of a Pinter play and at the Harold Pinter Theatre to boot. Does that make the Whingers ladies who lunch? Well, one Whinger might be getting in t

Review - The Judas Kiss, Duke of York

Two weeks into a new year and our first trip to the theatre. You thought we'd given it up for 2013 didn't you? We've given other things up, well at least Andrew has. He's having his now-customary January-off-the-sauce detox. Phil has gone the other way. H