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Rachel Cooke

Everyday Sexism and The Vagenda review everything you wanted to know about sexism, except how to fight it

In April 2012 Laura Bates set up a website called the Everyday Sexism Project. The idea was that women would be able to use it to upload their accounts of the quotidian struggle involved in being a woman.

Did She Kill Him? review - a brilliantly detailed account of the Maybrick case

Kate Colquhoun retells with aplomb the tale of a celebrated Victorian murder trial.

The Road to Middlemarch review - Rebecca Mead's rather earnest thoughts on a masterpiece

It would be very silly indeed to argue that nonfiction writers are running out of ideas; the Samuel Johnson prize shortlist, to take just one guide, grows stronger with every year that passes.

Dreams of the Good Life review - a compelling biography of Flora Thompson

As Richard Mabey points out towards the end of his study of the making of Lark Rise to Candleford, Flora Thompson's rural classic is not only a periodic bestseller; it "rises like Excalibur" at times of national crisis.

Just So Happens review - Fumio Obata's elegant graphic novel

Yumiko is a young Japanese woman who has made London her home. When she first arrived years ago, she found the city harsh; the air seemed often to be thick with tension.

Richard Deacon - review

The Turner prize-winning sculptor Richard Deacon likes to describe himself as a "fabricator", his work often involving both a great many technical feats, not to mention the help of other artists and craftsmen; in 1988, for instance, he made a sculpture ca

Polina by Bastien Vives - review

Even this self-confessed ballet-loather is seduced by Bastien Vives's tale of a dancer's relationship with her mentor I wasn't predisposed to like Bastien Viv

Joseph Wright - review

Joseph Wright arrived in Bath from his native Derby in November 1775 convinced that the spa town would provide him with a lucrative living as a portrait painter, just as it had done for Gainsborough before him.

Shelagh Delaney: the return of an angry young woman

A cold January morning. In a room backstage at London's Theatre Royal Stratford East, I am looking through the Shelagh Delaney archive, a small, by-appointment-only affair put together and lovingly maintained by Murray Melvin, the actor who first played G

Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story by Peter Bagge - review

A zippy and rousing graphic biography tells the story of the activist who fought to legalise birth control in America Last year was a good one for feminism, so I thought I'd begin 2014 with a review of Woman Rebel , a zippy and rousing graphic biography