Rebecca Nicholson

Imogen Heap: Sparks review an ambitious musical mess

Imogen Heap's fourth record is less a coherent album than a collection of crowdsourced collaborations, generated through methods and techniques that include a running app and a pair of gloves that turns the wearer's body into a human harp. 

Alex Clare: Three Hearts review like late 80s white soul

(Island)In 2012, Alex Clare was working as an estate agent, having given up on pop stardom. Then his life became a music industry fairytale. Microsoft licensed his catchy, wompy soul track Too Close for an ad, the song became huge, Clare shifted half a mi

Charlie Simpson: Long Road Home review Busted singer finds his indie-folk voice

It seems as if Charlie Simpson has spent the last 13 years trying to work out exactly what kind of music he would like to be making.

The Strokes: Comedown Machine - review

(Rough Trade) Apparently all five members of the Strokes were in the studio together for the recording of Comedown Machine, unlike its acrimonious predecessor Angles, which came together largely by email. Not that you would know it: their fifth album is

Deptford Goth: Life After Defo - review

(Merok) Sensitive, synth-nurturing young men of a delicate timbre were all over music a couple of years ago, and this saturation makes Daniel Woolhouse, aka Deptford Goth , a difficult sell: the music is dreamy, he's pensive, and he sings as if he's mor

Night Works: Urban Heat Island - review

(Loose Lips) Gabriel Stebbing cut his teeth in Metronomy and Your Twenties, so this, his solo debut, brings with it an expectation of arch electropop, and perhaps a decent light show. At first, Night Works appears to be more fragile than his previous wor

Theme Park: Theme Park - review

(Transgressive) South London trio Marcus, Miles and Oscar have made an album of upbeat indie-dance that would have been perfect for an opening act on an NME Tour in 2009, with Late of the Pier propping up the middle and Friendly Fires headlining. It's en

Darkstar: News from Nowhere - review

(Warp) Those familiar with Darkstar's signature single, Aidy's Girl Is a Computer , may find their reinvention startling. The trio have moved from Hyperdub to Warp , stepped away from glitchy dubstep and fallen headfirst into hazy, Animal Collective

Esben & the Witch: Wash the Sins Not Only the Face - review

(Matador) If you're finding the wait for a second Warpaint album slow going, you could do far worse than look to Brighton's Esben & the Witch, who are ploughing a similar furrow of intricate, swirly dream-rock, though at a steadier pace. There's much to