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Robin Denselow

Carlene Carter: Carter Girl review Johnny Cash's stepdaughter revisits Carter Family classics

Carlene Carter comes from a legendary musical family; her grandmother was Maybelle Carter from country music heroes the Carter Family, her mum was June Carter Cash, and her stepfather was Johnny Cash.

Melingo: Linyera review Buenos Aires star's inventive take on tango

(World Village) Daniel Melingo is one of the quirky celebrities of the Buenos Aires tango scene. He's a singer and actor with a gruff voice and a stage persona that veers between Charlie Chaplin and Tom Waits . But he's also an impressive multi-instrum

Ellis Island Sound: Regions review 'Fine, slinky riffs'

(Village Green) The experimental duo of Pete Astor and David Sheppard, otherwise known as Ellis Island Sound, return with an insistent, percussive set that makes use of African-influenced guitar lines, dub effects and wailing trombone. Seven years ago, th

Patsy Matheson: Domino Girls review distinguished new album from a great British folk talent

(Tomorrow/Proper) Here's further proof that Patsy Matheson is one of our most original songwriters. Once a member of the all-female Waking the Witch , she released a remarkable solo album two years ago that was full of thoughtful, emotional songs about l

Johnny Cash: Out Among the Stars review 'lost' album is crucial for Cash fans

(Columbia/Legacy) Johnny Cash was a country music legend, but in the 80s he fell out of favour with his record label and they refused to release this intriguing "lost" album which was discovered in his archives. It was recorded while he was battling drug

Malawi Mouse Boys: Dirt Is Good review - rodent-kebab vendors turn gospel charmers

(IRL) The novelty newcomers at last year's Womad, Malawi Mouse Boys are a gently charming, gospel-influenced group who are more remarkable for their history than for their pleasant, easy-going DIY songs. They were making their living selling rodent keba

Marinah: El Baile de las Horas review - 'Commercial world pop'

The artist formerly known as Marina "La Canillas" Abad is back, with a shorter name and a new musical direction.

Ibibio Sound Machine: Ibibio Sound Machine review - 'Adventurous update to Afrobeat and high life'

(Soundway) This is an eight-piece band that veers intriguingly between the contemporary and echoes of the 70s and 80s The Soundway label has specialised in reviving great but rare vintage tracks from West Africa that had previously only been released on

Orquestra Imperial: Fazendo As Pazes Com O Swing review - Old-school samba with surprises

(Mais Um Discos) It has taken Orquestra Imperial seven years to release their second album, despite the popularity of their live shows, but they are back at last, with the same easygoing, gently quirky approach. This Brazilian big band was started as