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Sean O'Hagan

Artist's sketchbooks

With their snippets of poetry, drawings, film storyboards, thoughts, plans and photographs, Derek Jarman's sketchbooks offer a rare insight into an artist's mind at work. Sean O'Hagan takes a look See our gallery of images from Derek Jarman's sketchbooks

Peter Doig: the art of the foreign

The Scots think of Peter Doig as their own, but 'elsewhere' has always been the subject of his vivid paintings. We speak to him as he prepares for a new show at the Scottish National Gallery In Edinburgh, Peter Doig's imminent exhibition at the Scottis

The best of Peter Doig - in pictures

On the eve of the painter's new retrospective in Edinburgh, here is a selection of his fascinating works from the past 20 years Sean O'Hagan

Massive Attack meet Adam Curtis: the unlikely double act

Back in May 1991, Massive Attack released a groundbreaking single called Safe from Harm.

Holy Bible raises hell

At first glance, artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin's new work, The Holy Bible, looks just like an old-fashioned Bible: a black cover with a title embossed in gold. Inside, though, many of the pages of holy writ have been overlaid with photographs

Deutsche Börse photography prize 2013 won by Broomberg and Chanarin

The London-based artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin have become the first duo to win the Deutsche Börse photography prize.

Northern Ireland: 30 Years of Photography by Colin Graham - review

This catalogue of recent Northern Irish photography shows a determination to leave the documentary style of the Troubles behind Until relatively recently Northern Ireland was defined in photography by images of the Troubles. It is the photojournalism of

Images from the outer limits

Outsider photography is still relatively unknown, but three artists in a forthcoming show at the Hayward Gallery explore the dark fringes of urban society through images ranging from the obsessive to the downright creepy A homeless woman who regularly ph

Yoko Ono at 80: 'I feel that I am starting a new life, a second life'

Sitting at her kitchen table, sipping green tea, Yoko Ono looks much the same as she did when I met her 20 years ago.

Garry Winogrand, edited by Leo Rubinfien et al - review

Culled from thousands of prints and unprocessed films, this collection of Garry Winogrand's photographs confirms him as a giant of American photography To say that Garry Winogrand was productive is to dramatically understate the case. When he died in 198