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The Red Earl: the Extraordinary Life of the 16th Earl of Huntingdon by Selina Hastings, review: 'stylish and affectionate'

Miranda Seymour admires a daughter's tribute to her enigmatic father Lord Huntingdon, a rebel aristocrat and friend to Diego Rivera

Miranda Seymour | The Telegraph

Eichmann Before Jerusalem: The Unexamined Life of a Mass Murderer review

Bettina Stangneth's disturbing account of Adolf Eichmann's years in exile reveals the full extent of his cynicism, inhumanity and moral self-deceptionBefore the war, Adolf Eichmann, born in 1906, was the acknowledged "Jewish expert" of the SS, in...

Richard J Evans | The Guardian

From birth to mirth, Merton is telling it too straight

The deadpan comedian has another go at an autobiography, this time telling it straight.

Evening Standard | William Moore

A surprisingly gracious Mr Cleese

John Cleese’s frank, conversational memoir ends in 1969 with the formation of the Monty Python team, a brisk analysis of its dynamics and an affectionate postscript about the five surviving members’ lucrative farewell reunion at the 02 this year.

Evening Standard | Nick Curtis

Anger Is an Energy review John Lydon's 'life uncensored'

The 'only truly terrifying singer rock'n'roll has ever known' defies his own stereotypeIn Lipstick Traces, the brilliant "secret history of the 20th century" in which Greil Marcus placed punk rock at the end of a long tradition of subversion and ...

John Harris | The Guardian

So, Anyway… by John Cleese - book review: Always look on the bright side of life? You must be joking

John Cleese really didn't like his mother. That much is obvious. She's clearly to blame for the apparently miserable life he's had to endure. Cleese's memoir, presumably volume one, only takes us up to the start of Monty Python's Flying Circus, so...

Christopher Maume | The Independent

Ezra Pound: Poet, the Epic Years by A David Moody, review: 'masterly'

In the second volume of the definitive Life of Pound, the prolific poet edits The Waste Land and pays court to Mussolini

Jeremy Noel-Tod | The Telegraph

Behind the Mask: The Life of Vita Sackville-West review a catalogue of sexual conquests

No salacious detail of her love affairs is spared in an infuriating new life of Vita Sackville-West, the first new biography in 30 yearsVita Sackville-West, the writer and gardener extraordinaire, grew up at Knole in Kent, a house that resembled a...

Rachel Cooke | The Guardian

Roy Keane: The Second Half; Kevin Pietersen: KP The Autobiography reviews twin tragedies

Were two men ever more cruelly wronged? Not according to these tales of self-pity from Roy Keane and Kevin PietersenReading, in the past couple of days, back to back, the trials and torments of Kevin Pietersen and Roy Keane, the slights suffered and...

The Guardian | Tim Adams