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Brad Pitt; Moroni; Anthony Horowitz

Damian Barr talks to Brad Pitt about his World War II film, Fury.

Anthony Horowitz on his new Sherlock Holmes novel, Moriarty.

Robert Webb and Miles Jupp on performing completely wet on stage in Neville's Island.

And Sarah Dunant...

BBC Front Row | Damian Barr

Young woman’s journey on the road to redemption

Marilynne Robinson’s second novel, the Pulitzer prize-winning Gilead (2004), took the form of a journal-letter written by a septuagenarian Iowa pastor, the Reverend John Ames, to his young son.

Evening Standard | Jane Shilling

Mr Bones, by Paul Theroux - book review: Skilful, unsettling collection marred by disappointing duds

In "Siamese Nights," the longest and most successful story in Paul Theroux's new collection, a character says: "The place I want to live is somewhere I wouldn't mind dying." I heard Theroux express this sentiment while discussing his travel writing at...

Max Liu | The Independent

The Innovators by Walter Isaacson review a lucid, thrilling and amusing history of the digital age

The creation of the networked world, conjured up by a group of nerds, wonks and hippies, is the defining story of our eraRevolutions usually leave ancient institutions tottering, societies shaken, the streets awash with blood. But what Walter Isaacson...

Peter Conrad | The Guardian

Miss Carter's War by Sheila Hancock, review: 'history unearthed to powerful effect'

Clunky politics aside, Carole Mansur is impressed by Sheila Hancock's absorbing first novel set in post-war Britain

Carole Mansur | The Telegraph

The New World Andrew Motion's second Treasure Island sequel

With his followup to Silver, the former poet laureate has written a deeply felt and sincere homage to Robert Louis StevensonThe tide of crossover fiction continues unabated. Popularised for today's audience by JK Rowling and Philip Pullman, its origins...

Carol Birch | The Guardian

Revolution by Russell Brand review soft-soap therapy when we need a harder edge

His tract is heavy going, light on politics and, in places, beyond parody. Has the leader of the rebellion missed his moment?This time last year I hosted a Swedish academic who had come to Cambridge to give a talk about Montesquieu. Only she didn't...

David Runciman | The Guardian

Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime review the grisly evolution of swab justice

Crime novelist Val McDermid charts the history of forensics and interviews crime scene investigators to get the maggots-and-all storyThe other day, friends of ours were raided by the Metropolitan police, who confiscated computers and digital storage...

Ian Thomson | The Guardian

The Surfacing by Cormac James review an austere pleasure

A ship trapped in Arctic pack ice with a pregnant stowaway on board is the setting for an essentially domestic psychological novelThe last expedition of Sir John Franklin has been lost for over 160 years, but the search continues. A Canadian team this...

Sarah Moss | The Guardian

Once Upon a Time review Marina Warner's scholarly history of the fairytale

A lifetime of investigation into storytelling has gone into this gem of a book from the queen of fairytalesMarina Warner is our doyenne of fairy stories, the British equivalent to Americas Jack Zipes and Maria Tatar, only, it must be said, with a...

Amanda Craig | The Guardian