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After Me Comes The Flood, by Sarah Perry - book review

One day in an endlessly hot summer, John Cole heads to Norfolk to visit his brother; he gets lost, seeks help.

Holly Williams | The Independent

The Dark Meadow review Andrea Maria Schenkel's murder mystery 'packs a lingering punch'

Schenkel returns with an excellent dark tale set in rural community and based on real eventsAndrea Maria Schenkel's debut, the short, brutal The Murder Farm, told of a murdered family in a German village after the second world war: old man Danner, his...

Alison Flood | The Guardian

The Night Guest review an unsettling presence looms in Fiona McFarlane's accomplished debut

The tiger, imagined or real, prowling the pages of this atmospheric novel throws into relief human fierceness and frailtyTigers have long prowled the pages of literature, from William Blake's "The Tyger", in which he imagines a "tyger, tyger, burning...

Anita Sethi | The Guardian

Summer House With Swimming Pool review Herman Koch's scalpel-like prose is a tonic for thriller fans

The people who are supposed to help heal cause great harm in this gripping psychological thriller narrated by a misanthropic doctor to rich and famous people in the "creative professions".

Anita Sethi | The Guardian

The Arsonist by Sue Miller, review: 'moving and mysterious'

Catherine Blyth on Sue Miller's 'The Arsonist', a profoundly satisfying novel about a long, hot American summer

Catherine Blyth | The Telegraph

Noontide Toll by Romesh Gunesekera review poetic and full of wit

These gracefully crafted road stories expose the simmering tensions in postwar Sri LankaSri Lanka is a land of arguments. Arguments that cause punch-ups on live TV, shoot-outs during elections, riots over religion, and wars that go on for decades. Our...

Shehan Karunatilaka | The Guardian

Sound System Culture by Paul Huxtable, Al Fingers and Mandeep Samra, book review

It's strange to think of Huddersfield – so evocative of Yorkshire that you could call it onomatopoeic – as an outpost of Caribbean culture. Yet this industrial town in West Riding was a destination for post-war West Indian migrants in the same way as...

Ian Burrell | The Independent

What happened to America's invasion of Man Booker? Arifa Akbar, Week in Books

So the American’s aren’t coming, despite the column inches of worry that they would descend like a Viking horde and commandeer our prize after Man Booker opened its doors to international writers (beyond its Commonwealth scope). Well, four are coming,...

Arifa Akbar | The Independent

Randall review Jonathan Gibbs's fictional take on the YBAs

This portrait of the 90s British art scene is lit up by the bad behaviour of its Hirst-like central figureJonathan Gibbs is working some dangerous territory. Writing about the visual arts is usually as risky as sharing needles: it's a tightrope with...

The Guardian | Tibor Fischer