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Exclusive extract from Howard Jacobson’s acclaimed new novel about love and the letter 'J'

Falling in love was something Kevern Cohen did from time to time, but he was never able to stay in love or keep a woman in love with him. Nothing dramatic happened. There were no clifftop fallings-out. Compared to the violence with which other couples...

Howard Jacobson | The Independent

The Emperor Far Away, review: a trip along the edges of China's empire

David Eimer's book recalls travels among China's minority groups, from the restive Uighurs to the meth-smoking headhunters of Yunnan

Michael Kerr | The Telegraph

Author Ian McEwan: 'Very few novels earn their length'

Award-winning writer Ian McEwan says many novels are too long and describes how much he adores shorter books or novels that can be read at one sitting

Keith Perry | The Telegraph

Mind Change by Susan Greenfield, book review: A fascinating analysis on the impact digital technologies have on our brains

Susan Greenfield acknowledges that research on the effect of digital technology on our minds is still in its early stages, and that screen activities such as social networking sites, gaming and surfing the net have been shown to have positive as well...

Leyla Sanai | The Independent

Passions Between Women by Emma Donoghue, book review: Dangerous liaisons in a time before ‘the closet’

In her introduction to Passions Between Women Donoghue asks a tantalising question that underscores the book’s rationale.

Jane Czyzselska | The Independent

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, review: 'painstakingly kind to the reader'

David Mitchell's elegant fantasies are both popular and critically acclaimed. How does he do it? Joanna Kavenna investigates

Joanna Kavenna | The Telegraph

How to be Both by Ali Smith, review: 'brimming with pain and joy'

In How to be Both, Ali Smith continues to reinvent the novel, subtly but surely, says Patrick Flanery

Patrick Flanery | The Telegraph