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Pigfoot: 21st Century Acid Trad review 'Violent distortions of classic songs'

(Village Life) Those with long enough memories to know the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band's Jazz, Delicious Hot Disgusting Cold (a merciless satire on trad jazz) might wonder if Pigfoot's tuba dissonances, out-of-whack rhythms and Cecil Tayloresque free-...

John Fordham | The Guardian

Trio Riot: Trio Riot review punkish but poised improv jazz

(Efpi) Trio Riot are British tenor saxophonist Sam Andreae, Danish alto-saxist Mette Rasmussen and Swiss drummer David Meier. They share improv, jazz, rock and classical experiences, apparent in the mix of free-jazz squalling, punky thrashing and...

John Fordham | The Guardian

Nick Smart's Trogon: Tower Casa review 'Undemonstratively idiosyncratic fusion'

(Babel) The trogon is the national bird of Cuba, and UK trumpeter, educator and MD Nick Smart 's cosmopolitan sextet (including Troyka guitarist Chris Montague, UK/Bangladeshi pianist Kishon Khan and Cuban bassist Denny Martinez) takes wing on this...

John Fordham | The Guardian

Ellis Island Sound: Regions review 'Fine, slinky riffs'

(Village Green) The experimental duo of Pete Astor and David Sheppard, otherwise known as Ellis Island Sound, return with an insistent, percussive set that makes use of African-influenced guitar lines, dub effects and wailing trombone. Seven years ago...

Robin Denselow | The Guardian

The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra: The L.A. Treasures Project (2014)

For nearly thirty-years now the Grammy-nominated Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra (CHJO) has been easily recognizable as one of the best big bands in the business.

All About Jazz | Edward Blanco

Billy Hart Quartet: One is the Other

Nuanced acoustic subtleties hold sway on this set that is full of elastic rhythms, rich harmonies and intense interplay.

Mike Hobart | The FT

Anthony Joseph: Time

Hard, funky basslines serve as a second voice to the Trinidad-born poet’s mini-essays about Black History and women.

David Honigmann | The FT

Polar Bear In Each and Every One

London-based quintet Polar Bear are often tagged as an "avant jazz" group, which is both correct and incorrect, leaning further and further away from being an accurate description of the kitchen-sink genre combinations that make up fifth album In Each...

All Music | Fred Thomas

Don Cherry Live In Stockholm

It would be a few more years before Don Cherry would start playing his version of world music wholeheartedly, but elements of the trumpeter’s all-encompassing vision can be heard on these live recordings, most of them from 1968.

Jazz Times | Mike Shanley

Ian Carey And Ben Stolorow: Duocracy (2014)

Trumpeter Ian Carey and pianist Ben Stolorow shed all inhibitions and strip down to the bare essentials with their provocative new release, Duocracy.

All About Jazz | Jeffrey Uhrich