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Gipsy Rhumba review a capsule of supercharged clapping and joyous vocals

The traditions of flamenco being so strict, it must have taken bravado to bust them open and create a new micro-genre – Catalan Rumba – in the early 60s, when Barcelona musicians caught the Latin bug.

Neil Spencer | The Guardian

Melingo: Linyera review Buenos Aires star's inventive take on tango

(World Village) Daniel Melingo is one of the quirky celebrities of the Buenos Aires tango scene. He's a singer and actor with a gruff voice and a stage persona that veers between Charlie Chaplin and Tom Waits . But he's also an impressive multi-...

Robin Denselow | The Guardian

Malawi Mouse Boys: Dirt Is Good

Likeable strumming on homemade acoustic guitars with more than a hint of harmonised gospel in the singing.

David Honigmann | The FT

Malawi Mouse Boys: Dirt Is Good review - rodent-kebab vendors turn gospel charmers

(IRL) The novelty newcomers at last year's Womad, Malawi Mouse Boys are a gently charming, gospel-influenced group who are more remarkable for their history than for their pleasant, easy-going DIY songs. They were making their living selling rodent...

Robin Denselow | The Guardian

Marinah: El Baile De Las Horas

Singer’s first solo album is a high-energy Barcelona bricolage of flamenco, reggae and dance.

David Honigmann | The FT

Ibibio Sound Machine Ibibio Sound Machine

The self-titled debut by Ibibo Sound Machine is quite literally unlike any other African-electronic music fusion project.

All Music | Thom Jurek

Ibibio Sound Machine: Ibibio Sound Machine review - 'Adventurous update to Afrobeat and high life'

(Soundway) This is an eight-piece band that veers intriguingly between the contemporary and echoes of the 70s and 80s The Soundway label has specialised in reviving great but rare vintage tracks from West Africa that had previously only been released...

Robin Denselow | The Guardian

Marinah: El Baile de las Horas review - 'Commercial world pop'

The artist formerly known as Marina "La Canillas" Abad is back, with a shorter name and a new musical direction.

Robin Denselow | The Guardian