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Lady Gaga, O2 Arena, London

Gaga’s relationship with her fanbase, her “Little Monsters”, is quite a thing. I’ve not seen the O2 so permanently on its feet. Large swathes of her capacity crowd are up and dancing right from the opening number. They adore her and are dressed to show...

The Artsdesk | Thomas H Green

The little-known musicians behind some of music's most famous moments

Raphael Ravenscroft's sax line on Baker Street was better known than he was but hes not alone in being the little known creator of something famous.

Dave Simpson | The Guardian

Jessie J Sweet Talker album review: "Far from being down and out"

"Better believe I'll be your number one," Jessie J declares on 'Ain't Been Done', introducing her third studio album Sweet Talker with the stomping confidence of her debut hit 'Do It Like A Dude'.

Digital Spy | Lewis Corner

CD: Jessie J - Sweet Talker

Since part of every star’s make-up and appeal is their back-story, can we ignore how unremittingly dull Jessie J’s has been?

The Artsdesk | Thomas H Green

Jessie J: Sweet Talker review British star goes all out for US success

Jessie J recently announced a permanent move to Los Angeles, spurred in part by the British “not appreciating my voice”.

Caroline Sullivan | The Guardian

Jessie J: Sweet Talker review pop in search of originality

Imma do it like it aint been done, huffs Jessie J at the start of her third album.

Kitty empire | The Guardian

Aphex Twin's Syro goes back to his roots

Aphex Twin's first album in 13 years, Syro, is welcome reminder of Richard D James's unfettered imagination, says Bernadette McNulty.

Bernadette McNulty | The Telegraph

Jamie T, Carry the Grudge, review: 'seductively singalong'

The extravagantly talented Jamie T returns after a five year gap with confidence, says Neil McCormick.

Neil McCormick | The Telegraph

Aphex Twin: 'You have to be mentally ill to be famous'

Richard D James says anyone famous faces a combination of factors that will surely result in mental illness, and says he believes in aliens and the Illuminati.

Sean Michaels | The Guardian

Prince: Art Official Age review partying like its 1999 all over again

Released simultaneously with PlectrumElectrum, the rockier offering put out by Princes 3rdeyegirl band, Art Official Age finds Prince solo, embracing the artificial age with glee.

Kitty empire | The Guardian