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Crisis Music: The Bug's Angels & Devils Reviewed

Just as London Zoo uncannily reflected the dread at world events in 2008, Rory Gibb argues that new The Bug album Angels & Devils sees Kevin Martin and his cast of musical collaboratiors creating and intense yet engaging approximation of the chaos...

Rory Gibb | The Quietus

Little Tornados – We Are Divine

For anyone disappointed by a lack of overt political engagement in pop, try Little Tornados on for size.

Chris Buckle | The Skinny

CD: Basement Jaxx - Junto

It’s been five years since British duo Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe released their last studio album after deciding to take a few years out in a bid to not get jaded.

Katherine McLaughlin | The Artsdesk

Basement Jaxx are back: can they recover their sunny outlook in time for Bestival?

Felix Buxton, the effervescent, bespectacled frontman of Basement Jaxx, is recounting his UFO story. His partner in the band, Simon Ratcliffe, reclines next to him, silently – he didn't share the experience and cannot embellish the tale, which he has...

Matt Munday | The Independent

Chlöe Howl: 'Unfortunately I'm a little bit of a gossip'

The teenage singer-songwriter on why she's never short of inspiration.

Killian Fox | The Guardian

Rustie – Green Language

There's a playfulness to the opening sections of Green Language – we are treated to three false starts, Rustie delivering riffs of staggering infectiousness before snatching them away and diving into the relentless, trance-like crescendo-frenzy of...

Bram E.Gieben | The Skinny

Rustie: Green Language review brilliantly varied, futuristic electronica

Glaswegian producer Russell "Rustie" Whyte has firmly staked his place in the maximalist electronic music world.

The Guardian | Tshepo Mokoena

Ariana Grande: My Everything review every so often a little shard of personality pierces the sheen

In pop, there are "good" girls and "bad" girls. Good and bad (not to mention "troubled") are, of course, lazy and tiresome pigeonholes in which to stuff female artists.

Kitty empire | The Guardian

Ariana Grande: My Everything review faceless, generic bangerdom

On her 2013 debut album, Yours Truly, teen-actor-turned-pop-starlet Ariana Grande established a unique, nostalgia-based beachhead, interweaving 90s R&B and 1960s girl groups.

Caroline Sullivan | The Guardian

Junto review Basement Jaxx fresh and invigorated

After 2009's Zephyr, Basement Jaxx scaled back their tours, focused on more low-key musical projects and gave every indication of drifting into a raver's dotage.

Ally Carnwath | The Guardian