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Hetty Feather review 'like seeing old friends on stage'

My eight-year-old daughter and I couldn't wait to see this adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson's much-loved story – and it didn't disappoint.

Emily Drabble | The Guardian

Hetty Feather, Rose Theatre, Kingston

This stylised, acrobatic retelling with music is a lively account of Jacqueline Wilson's late Victorian Foundling Hospital story.

Susan Elkin | The Stage

Pirate Gran, Greenwich Theatre, London

Gran (Pauline Goldsmith) is entertaining her grandchildren with an elaborate game of pirates in this original, funny, rhythmic piece, which, among other things, celebrates the transformative, intergenerational power of play.

Susan Elkin | The Stage

My Hetty Feather: Jacqueline Wilson on seeing her heroine step on to stage

When Novel Theatre wanted to stage my book, I felt as proprietorial as any mother. Who was going to play my Hetty?

Jacqueline Wilson | The Guardian

Children's theatre grows up at Purni Morell's magical Unicorn

The Unicorn theatre is on a roll with a teenaged Henry the Fifth, adventurous adaptations of kids' books and spellbinding devised work. And now there's talk of banning the adults The Velveteen Rabbit review 'a show with brain and heart' Not Now...

Lyn Gardner | The Guardian

The Velveteen Rabbit: At least THIS show has a happy ending

Bunnies — and everyone else — fare better in the Velveteen Rabbit, a celebrated children’s story which is given a sweet outing at the Unicorn children’s theatre, South London.

Quentin Letts | The Daily Mail

The Velveteen Rabbit, Unicorn Theatre, London

This gently witty account of Margery Williams' charming book, loved by children for several generations, explores the power of play and imagination to transcend experience.

Susan Elkin | The Stage

Not Now, Bernard theatre review - 'a monstrous comedy'

Bernard is bored. Dad's doing DIY, Mum's in the kitchen and neither will listen to him – even when Bernard warns them that a monster in the garden is going to eat him.

Chris Wiegand | The Guardian

Hannah, Unicorn Theatre, London

Hannah’s 15 and, like every teenager ever, she wants to be the centre of the world.

Matt Trueman | Telegraph