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A History Of Germany At British Museum

Ask most Brits about German history and there will be references to two world wars and football, but this exhibition goes back much further to chart a 600 year history of Germany from the Holy Roman Empire to today.

Londonist | Tabish Khan

Sherlock Holmes: Museum of London Exhibition

Some of the highlights from the new Museum of London Sherlock Holmes exhibition.

Telegraph | Telegraph staff

Russian Avant-Garde Theatre, V&A, London

Their heyday was short – but almost a century on, these striking designs still look radical.

Edwin Heathcote | Financial Times

Sneak Preview of Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty coming to the V&A

This special retrospective of the career of Lee Alexander McQueen originally opened in New York to phenomenal success. Now it comes to McQueen’s home town and to a museum that meant a lot to him.

By combining a grasp of tailoring with an...

Artswrap | Emma Clarendon

Terror And Wonder: The British Library Goes Gothic

Everybody knows a ghost story or has seen a film that’s scared them witless, but how did this spooky genre first come about?

Londonist | Tabish Khan

Constructing Worlds review the battered, beautiful and barely credible

From 1930s America to Pyongyang now, the work of 18 photographers captures the extreme and humdrum nature of buildings.

Rowan Moore | The Guardian

‘Ming: 50 Years that changed China’, at the British Museum

The exhibition illuminates a half-century slice of life in China shortly before the establishing of regular commercial links with Europe.

Financial Times | Robin Blake

Movies’ love affair with the metropolis

A look at film makers’ enduring interest in city street life and skyscrapers

Edwin Heathcote | Financial Times

Beauty and bloodbaths in the Ming dynasty

A million-strong army, exquisite opulence and paranoically violent rulers as a new show opens at the British Museum, Julia Lovell explains how the Ming dynasty put China at the centre of the world.

Julia Lovell | The Guardian