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Watch an extract from Chris Marker's classic film La Jetee - video

La Jetée (1962), the most celebrated work of French writer and artist Chris Marker, has influenced Hollywood directors as diverse as James Cameron and Terry Gilliam.

The Guardian

'Thrilling and prophetic': why film-maker Chris Marker's radical images influenced so many artists

From experimental sci-fi to cartoon cats, Chris Marker's work was profound, prophetic and hugely influential. Ahead of a new exhibition, some of those he inspired examine his cult appeal.

Joanna Hogg | Mark Romanek | Sukhdev Sandhu | The Guardian | William Gibson

Chris Marker: resistance fighter, escape artist, film-maker

The mercurial French film-maker documented the political and creative upheavals of the 20th century in sci-fi films, books and comics, influencing everyone from director Terry Gilliam to Christo.

The Guardian

Exhibition reviews: Georgina Starr | Hiraki Sawa

Sometimes the grown-up art world just feels too clean, too sterile.

Moira Jeffrey | The Scotsman

Rurouni Kenshin - review

Behind the J-poppy storylines of this cartoonish samurai blockbuster gleams a well-shot swordplay spectacular In 19th-century Japan, swordsman Kenshin (Takeru Satoh) wanders the land, eating sweets and defending maidens with a special blade that's...

Chris Michael | The Guardian

Hiraki Sawa: Lenticular, Dundee Contemporary Arts

Looking on and out is a key theme in the work of Hiraki Sawa, discovers Jan Patience

Herald Scotland | Jan Patience

The Pervert's Guide to Ideology - review

The question of that problematic cinema genre, the sequel, with all its issues of identity and narrative,, is something that psychoanalytic critic Slavoj Žižek hasn't yet examined. Here anyway is the followup to his dazzling cine-lecture The Pervert's...

Peter Bradshaw | The Guardian

A riveting return to Victorian values

One's first thought on visiting the Guildhall Art Gallery's new exhibition of contemporary takes on Victoriana is “why hasn't this been done before?” Our artistic view of the Victorian era is so stuck in the sentimentality of its narrative pictures and...

Adrian Hamilton | The Independent

It’s “Twilight”: YA movies are totally over!

As "The Mortal Instruments" tanks, it's time to get past fantasy stories about heroes destined for greatness

Laura Miller | Salon

Transmitted Live: Nam June Paik Resounds, Talbot Rice Gallery, review

Though jarring and difficult to watch, this is an exhibition fizzing with energy and ideas, says Alastair Sooke.

Alastair Sooke | Telegraph