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Tate Seeks Entrants for IK Prize 2015

The Tate have announced that it is looking for entrants for the second IK Prize to celebrate talent in the digital industry.

With the support of the Porter Foundation, the prize is awarded annually to an individual, team or company for an...

Artswrap | Emma Clarendon

The Giver, review: 'mundane sci-fi'

This Logan's Run rehash is pretty but lame, says Anna Smith

Anna Smith | The Telegraph

Ken Loach's film, Joshua Ferris's novel, The Normal Heart on TV, Bakersfield Mist and The Whitstable Biennale

Bakersfield Mist at London's Duchess Theatre stars Hollywood actress Kathleen Turner in a play about a woman who's convinced she's turned up a Jackson Pollock original in a junk shop.

BBC Saturday Review | Tom Sutcliffe

Visual art, film and performance at the seaside: Whitstable Biennale 2014

Mark Sheerin dips his toes into the waters as the Whitstable Biennale responds to the rich texture of the Kent seaside town by serving up a recipe of film and performance art.

Culture 24 | Mark Sheerin

Trance - review

If you thought Danny Boyle could do no wrong after the Olympic ceremony, this overcooked art heist is proof that even great directors have career blips In this country, we like our National Treasures, largely late-middle-aged men in public life of a...

Peter Bradshaw | The Guardian

Women on the verge: Hattie Morahan and Ibsen's Nora

Nora in A Doll's House is right up there on the list of big theatrical roles for women; Henrik Ibsen's 1879 play provides a richly complex female central character, who ultimately leaves her babying, patronising husband - and her children - so she can...

Holly Williams | The Independent

Fabrice Hyber: but is it fruit?

A big, inflatable cloud hangs overhead, and a slanting rain falls inside the Baltic in Gateshead. It's only cartoon rain, made from yards and yards of fishing line, which tether the cloud to the gallery floor. Where would artists be without nylon...

Adrian Searle | The Guardian

Emma Thompson's Effie cleared for release after winning second lawsuit

Victorian-era drama about John Ruskin's wife Effie Gray greenlit after judge deems film 'quite dissimilar' to work of US playwright The Emma Thompson period drama Effie, about one of the Victorian era's most infamous love triangles, is now cleared for...

Ben Child | The Guardian

Night Waves: James Wood, Michael Grigsby, Pompeii and Herculaneum, In the House

Including James Wood, Michael Grigsby, Margaret Mountford on Pompeii, In the House.

BBC iPlayer | Matthew Sweet