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The Guardian

Mr Mac and Me by Esther Freud review meeting Charles Rennie Mackintosh

An oblique portrait of the Scottish architect and designer's retreat to the Suffolk coast during the first world war.

This Is Bacon by Kitty Hauser review nicely subversive

A punchy introduction to an artist who attracts high scholarship and low gossip.

Perfidia by James Ellroy review crime fiction on a transcendental scale

In his latest novel, the 'demon dog of American crime fiction' has created an awe-inspiring vision of social, moral and human chaos in wartime LA.

BalletBoyz: The Talent review mesmeric Wheeldon and murmuring Whitley

The dancers rise to the choreographers challenges in this mixed programme, which includes a dark and mythic piece by Kristen McNally.

The Wolf from the Door review brutal whismy mars middle-England road trip

Rory Mullarkeys play about overthrowing the establishment has its moments, but doesn't achieve the Swiftian irony it aims for.

The Interior Circuit: A Mexico City Chronicle by Francisco Goldman review

An engaging and often moving memoir, set against the background of narcoviolence.

How to Predict the Unpredictable by William Poundstone review

Whether generating internet passwords or cooking the books, human behaviour is far less random than we might imagine.

Hamlet review Maxine Peake stresses character with a caustic Prince

A mixed production that even at three-and-a-half hours omits a good deal, but goes out of its way to avoid cliche.