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Not That Kind of Girl review Lena Dunham exposes all, again

Dunham was paid millions to write this memoir, and her writing talent shines clearly through, but there are limitations to 'clit lit' and remorseless self-exposureLena Dunham's first book, like Dunham herself, has accrued a cultural significance that is m

The Edge of Our Bodies review coming-of-age tale plays with reality

Gate, LondonShannon Tarbet is riveting as a pregnant teen rapidly ascending into an adult world of disillusionment Continue reading...

Turner prize 2014 shuns painters and sculptors for art of film and video

Film pieces by three nominees add up to two hours of screen time at 30th edition show, alongside first printer in shortlist.

The Turner prize show: voices, videos and erotic tickling sticks

Has the Turner prize lost its power to shock? No thanks to James Richardss sphincter shots. But its Tris Vonna-Michells spellbinding spoken-word travelogues that deserve to win.

Thom Yorke: Tomorrows Modern Boxes review Bobs disconsolately along in the soul-noir slipstream

Move along, nothing new to see here the distribution of the new album from Radioheads frontman is more interesting, sadly, than the music.

Fields of Blood review an absorbing study of religion and violence

Karen Armstrong traces the links between religion and violence from ancient Egypt to modern jihadPity the poor reviewer tasked to do justice to Karen Armstrongs latest mighty offering. Armstrong is one of our most erudite expositors of religion, famously

Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What Shes Learned review Lena Dunhams hilarious memoir

Lena Dunhams life story is as witty, frank and intense as she isExclusive extract: I just want to work the death thing outI love Lenas book (Im calling her Lena). I just want that out of the way.Not That Kind of Girl is a memoir in essays crammed with fri

Lee Evans review when he starts talking he stops being funny

The physical foolery is fine, but some of Evans jokes are not very nice at all.

Victoria: A Life review the monarch brought to vivid life

AN Wilson makes engaging use of diaries and letters to conjure the energy and emotions of the grieving Queen VictoriaAN Wilsons sturdy but elegant account of the life of Queen Victoria celebrates the richness of her inner world. Even in the years of still

George Osborne: the Austerity Chancellor review a biography far too in love with its subject

Janan Ganeshs fawning account of the rise of George Osborne is too blinded by his achievements to grapple with less pleasant factsDuring the years I sat opposite him in parliament, I came to regard George Osborne as a seriously bad man whose principal aim