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In Flanders Fields review a powerful commemoration of the first world war

It will be hard for other centenary events to match this original blend of readings and music

'I don't know how to get better': Laia Abril shows the hell of eating disorders

The Spanish photographer's sombre and affecting photobook The Epilogue tells the story of Cammy Robinson, who died at 26 as a result of bulimia.

Roger Wyndham Barnes obituary

In 1988, a 40th birthday party for Roger Wyndham Barnes climaxed when he led around 100 musicians connected to Jive Alive, the most renowned of the groups he had formed, through a sensational rendition of Hoochie Coochie Man at the Olympia ballroom in Rea

What are the best anti-riffs in rock?

BBC Radio 2 listeners have picked their favourite riffs in music, with Led Zeppelins Whole Lotta Love topping the list. But what of the more unconventional methods of playing?

Madame X review thriller undone by excess of allusions

Tim Benjamin has transported Don Giovanni's Masetto and Zerlina to London for this postmodern take on artistic corruption.

The Winterling review more Pinteresque than Pinter himself

Jez Butterworth followed the advice of his hero in writing this curio, which is ultimately just a step on the road to Jerusalem.

Nigel Harman: 'Shrek is in my blood'

The former EastEnders star has turned musical theatre director with a tour of Shrek. He tells us about the appeal of an ogre with body odour and how to play Simon Cowell on stage.

Vashti Bunyan - Holy Smoke: exclusive stream

Cult singer-songwriter returns with her third album in October.

John Kearns: loser takes all at Edinburgh

John Kearns has turned failure into silly, soul-searching comedy. Will scooping Edinburgh's top comedy award spoil the punchline? Brian Logan meets the man hailed as the new Hancock'Can you call back in, like, two minutes?" John Kearns is still in bed whe

Prom 49: BBCSO/Oramo review curiously ill at ease

Soprano Anu Komsi's impressive technique was at the fore in a fairytale-themed programme.