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Amnesia by Peter Carey review turbo-charged, hyperenergetic

A novel about internet hacking and 1970s Australian history few writers mix farce with ferocity to such engaging effectPeter Careys fiction is turbo-charged, hyperenergetic. His language has little time for quiet passages; his minor characters, even at t

The Witch of Edmonton review superbly textured lead performance

If the quality of Rowley, Dekker and Fords 1621 attack on society is open to debate, Eileen Atkins multifaceted turn as the witch is a resounding success.

Being a rubbish indie DJ led me to discover the power of soul music

The intention was to dazzle the crowd all six of them with perfectly chosen indie. But when another DJ started playing classic soul, a revelation ensued.

Unlocking the Truth: Brooklyns teen metalheads

Unlocking the Truth are the youngest group ever to sign to Sony in a $1.8m deal.

The Yellow Peril: Dr Fu Manchu & the Rise of Chinaphobia by Christopher Frayling review

This history of racism shows how scaremongering cliches about the Chinese have prevailed from Dickens to today.

10 of the best: metal meets classical

We celebrate Halloween by turning to the dark side with our pick of the 10 best heavy metal covers of classical tunes.

Damian Rice: My Favourite Faded Fantasy review reclusive songwriter returns in icier mood

When a reclusive, multi-million-selling songwriter of an intense sentimental disposition disappears for eight years, then returns, there's a lot to be exorcised on their return.

Tis Pity Shes a Whore review naked passion illuminated by candlelight

John Ford’s unsettling Renaissance incest drama is lent a subtle urgency by fine acting and direction.

Hugh Masekela and Somi review: an old master in fine fettle

Shades of Fela Kuti in Masekelas ageless funk and fury, and in Somas African-inspired protest songs.

Joan of Arc: A History by Helen Castor review a Joan of her time

There have been many lives of the saint, but none quite like this masterly narrative drawing on strictly contemporary sources.