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Ex Hex: Rips review majestic power-pop on the air-guitar album of the year

Washington DC alt-rock hotshot Mary Timony has been bashing ears in high style for a couple of decades, previously with Helium, Autoclave and Wild Flag, and now with Ex Hex, whose hit-after-hit debut LP is just deliriously great fun – this has got to be

Kindness: Otherness review scholarly but sensual experimental soul

(Female Energy)As you might expect from a man who launched his musical career while studying at the Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study and who followed his 2012 debut album with a documentary on the Washington DC go-go scene, Kindnesss Adam Bainbri

Jessie J: Sweet Talker review British star goes all out for US success

Jessie J recently announced a permanent move to Los Angeles, spurred in part by the British “not appreciating my voice”.

You + Me: Rose Ave review Pink and Dallas Greens utterly lovely country duo

(RCA)Pop singer Pinks country/folk album words you probably never expected to read came about when she found common musical ground with Dallas Green, formerly of Canadian hardcore band Alexisonfire. As You + Me, the pair explore pastoral byways, and its a

Mark Lanegan Band: Phantom Radio review a career highlight from a gothic-grunge hero

(Heavenly)The Screaming Trees former vocalist has by now fairly firmly established himself as a kind of post-grunge/Americana Johnny Cash, with moody songs awash with tales of drug abuse, redemption and dark humour. Theres plenty of that here. Black is

Kele: Trick review confident, carnal disco on Bloc Party singers second solo album

(Kobalt Label Services)While touring Bloc Partys last album, Four, Kele Okereke was compelled to create a collection of club anthems, the confident, carnal yin to his indie groups anxious, angst-riddled yang. Much like his debut solo album, 2010s The Box

The Bots: Pink Palms review stylish indie rock with real substance

(Fader)You could be forgiven for dismissing the Bots as a case of style over substance. Two brothers signed to the label offshoot of US fashion/music/style rag Fader, they recorded demos with Damon Albarn and their album features production from Nick Zinn

Exodus: Blood In, Blood Out review feral energy and refined catchiness

(Nuclear Blast)The last two Exodus albums took the Bay Area thrash legends into firmly progressive and contemporary territory, with a bewildering number of riffs piled up like bones on a funeral pyre. While those records confirmed the bands ability to mov

Steve Gunn: Way Out Weather review blissfully cosmic Americana

(Paradise of Bachelors)Its been a good year for the friends of Kurt Vile. Adam Granduciels latest album as the War on Drugs is one of the years standouts, and now Steve Gunn, formerly one of Viles Violators, has released something very nearly as good. Whe

Yasmin Levy: Tango review Israeli singer takes on classic tangos to triumphant effect

Yasmin Levy has always specialised in drama and passion, at times annoyingly so, but now the Israeli singer has found the style that perfectly fits her powerful, theatrical performances and regal stage persona.