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24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep by Jonathan Crary review

A timely and important polemic that demonstrates how capitalism makes us willing connivers in our own sleeplessnessYou may know Joseph Wright's painting, Arkwright's Cotton Mills by Night. Into a dark, almost rudimentary moonlit landscape the artist has

Jerry Dammers's Spatial AKA Orchestra (and Reggae Ensemble) review profound, ecstatic and moving

Barbican, LondonDammers melds Sun Ra's musical legacy with ska, Dixieland jazz and Jamaican pop in a majestic four-hour showWhile the Specials have latterly reunited without founder Jerry Dammers for a series of tours, their former leader has been pursuin

The Emperor Waltz review Philip Hensher leads us a merry dance

Hensher's foray into the portmanteau novel is full of character and colour – but it's a riddle of a book.

Bad Banks: Greed, Incompetence and the Next Global Crisis review a rogues' gallery of financial scandal

Alex Brummer's demolition job on the scandals of the last 10 years is a work of controlled menaceJust under a decade ago I found myself in common cause with an unlikely ally. The middle of the 2000s marked the second coming of the "loadsamoney" culture th

T Bone Burnett: How I set lyrics for Bob Dylan's new Basement Tapes to music

Wanting to do justice to Dylan and be true to the spirit in which the lyrics were originally written, Burnett got together with musicians including Elvis Costello and Marcus Mumford to produce a new albumLast autumn, I received a message from Bob Dylan's

Norma review Bellini with shock tactics

Holland Park, LondonThe music of Bellini's opera struggles to match the modern context into which it's thrust by Olivia FuchsBellini's opera is set in ancient Gaul during the period of Roman occupation. Designed by Niki Turner, Olivia Fuchs' staging place

Sleaford Mods review blurred Snapchats from Con-Dem'd Britain

Effing and blinding tales of Nottingham estate life, the much-hyped duo are somewhere between open-mike novelty act and indispensable social revolutionaries.

A book for the beach: The City And The City by China Miéville

Reader James Cole on a tale of two cities which rewards the sort of leisurely rereading that only a holiday can offerThe scenario of China Miéville's The City and The City reveals itself like an armchair traveller's road trip through eastern Europe. Ther

Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? review Dave Eggers's accomplished hostage drama

A doubting Thomas kidnaps and interrogates significant people in his life in Dave Eggers's ambitious, dialogue-only novel.