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Thurston Moore: The Best Day review former Sonic Youth frontman returns to noise-rock

(Matador) Thurston Moore interview: I needed to leave the United StatesIn the years since Thurston Moores 2011 album, Demolished Thoughts, the framework surrounding the former Sonic Youth frontman has collapsed: the US alt-rock godfather relocated to the

Slipknot: .5: The Gray Chapter review Iowan rockers suitably unhinged return

(Roadrunner)Given the circumstances surrounding the making of Slipknots fifth album the death of bassist Paul Gray and the terse departure of drummer Joey Jordison fans have been bracing themselves for disappointment. But despite a refreshed lineup and a

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker: Nothing Can Bring Back the Hour review elegant, melancholy folk

(Folkroom)Sometimes my view is always imbued with melancholy hue, sings Josienne Clarke in the opening song here, Silverline. Thats something of an understatement, for this is an elegant concept album that explores different shades of misery. The folk sc

Ben Howard: I Forget Where We Were review indie-folk singer finds his darker side

(Island)During the summer of 2013, it seemed that every time one turned on TV festival coverage, there was Ben Howard. Only love! Only love! hed be crooning to a sea of mellow, Boden-clad revellers, seemingly the very model of the Waitrose indie-folk-song

Tony Allen: Film of Life CD review cool, contemporary sounds from the master drummer

(Jazz Village/Harmonia Mundi)When you are rightly praised as the greatest drummer Africa has produced, and helped to create Afrobeat along with Fela Kuti, then theres no need for indulgent solos. At 74, Tony Allen has released his 10th album, a cool, cont

Neil Diamond: Melody Road review schmaltzy but well-crafted honeymoon album

(Virgin)Theres soppy, theres schmaltz, and then theres the latest from Neil Diamond. He remarried in 2012, and much of Melody Road radiates honeymoon period: trumpets tootle cheerfully, guitar melodies beam, cherry blossom falls from flutes, and Diamond

Scott Walker + Sunn O))): Soused review menacing but surprisingly melodic

(4AD)Scott Walker indicated after his 2012 album, Bish Bosch, that he was ready for a new direction after a trilogy that included Tilt (1995) and The Drift (2006). But after 36 years exploring the furthest margins of mainstream taste, it shouldnt surprise

Was William Morris actually just a pious bore?

By presenting the artist as a hero of the left, the National Portrait Gallerys new show utterly misses the point about his true revolutionary spirit National Portrait Gallery explores William Morris's belief in art for all.

Loves Labours Lost/Loves Labours Won a perceptive pairing

Royal Shakespeare theatre, Stratford-upon-AvonThe operetta treatment of the first play may be misguided, but Christopher Luscombes directing style comes into its own in the second, Much Ado about Nothing Measure for measure: inside the RSCs costume depart

The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy by Rachel Joyce review

The author of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry hits a darker but no less compelling noteA nation smiled and wept over The Unlikely Pilgrimage of  Harold Fry, the charming tale of a man who, after hearing from an old friend that she is dying of ca