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Sleater-Kinney announce first new album in a decade, No Cities to Love

The alt-rock group return with their eighth album, out in January via Sub Pop. Ahead of its release, listen to Bury Our Friends, a taster of their new material Sleater-Kinney: Start Together review a seven-album box set of punk powerSleater-Kinney have an

The Yellow Peril: Dr Fu Manchu and the Rise of Chinaphobia review the factors that shaped our fear of China

Chinese uber-villain Fu Manchu reflected the jingoism of British culture in the early 20th centuryBooks beget books and this engrossing, wide-ranging study of the deeply prejudicial mythology surrounding matters Chinese arose from a conversation between C

The Innovators by Walter Isaacson review a lucid, thrilling and amusing history of the digital age

The creation of the networked world, conjured up by a group of nerds, wonks and hippies, is the defining story of our eraRevolutions usually leave ancient institutions tottering, societies shaken, the streets awash with blood. But what Walter Isaacson cal

Rudy Giuliani expected to join protest against Met's Klinghoffer opera

New York’s Metropolitan Opera is bracing for its most tumultuous opening in decades on Monday, as protesters get ready to picket The Death of Klinghoffer, the John Adams opera about the 1985 hijacking of a cruise ship by Palestinian guerrillas.

Our Town review an unforgettable evocation of Everytown

Almeida, LondonDavid Cromers cooly observant narrator leads a radically reworked version of Thornton Wilders classic that taps into collective folk memory Continue reading...

Dark Tides by Chris Ewan review Halloween chills, Manx style

Drawing on classic horror films, this Isle of Man-set thriller avoids schlock cliches to deliver a chilling readIt is 31 October on the Isle of Man. Eight-year-old Claire Cooper is out with her mother, celebrating Hop-tu Naa, the Manx version of Halloween

Once Upon a Time review Marina Warner's scholarly history of the fairytale

A lifetime of investigation into storytelling has gone into this gem of a book from the queen of fairytalesMarina Warner is our doyenne of fairy stories, the British equivalent to Americas Jack Zipes and Maria Tatar, only, it must be said, with a better p

Ade Edmondson: I never laughed as hard as I did with Rik

Ahead of appearing in stage play Nevilles Island in the West End, Ade Edmondson reflects on his life and work, and on the recent deaths of three close friends, including his Young Ones co-star Rik Mayall.

Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime review the grisly evolution of swab justice

Crime novelist Val McDermid charts the history of forensics and interviews crime scene investigators to get the maggots-and-all storyThe other day, friends of ours were raided by the Metropolitan police, who confiscated computers and digital storage devic

Thurston Moore: The Best Day review recalls prime Sonic Youth

(Matador)Dorian Lynskey meets Thurston MooreListen to a stream of The Best DayThere is a significant tranche of alternative-minded music lifers for whom the break-up of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon and the dissolution of their seminal band Sonic Youth i